Million Dollar Blind Spots

Gary Patterson

Million Dollar Blind Spots by Gary Patterson will create clear understanding to uncover blind spots in your company-and will dramatically accelerate correct business leadership decisions. Million Dollar Blind Spots is hailed by industry professionals as a commonsense approach to risk management.

About the Author

Gary Patterson specializes in helping leaders avoid costly problems and increase profits by uncovering million dollar blind spots in time to make better business decisions, carrying out rigorous due diligence and enterprise risk management reviews, and partnering with them on critical fiscal and financial projects. Such as: financial risk management, risk assessment, and risk taking overviews.

Gary helps manufacturing, technology, service, construction and distribution leaders make the best decisions and find blind spots before they find you. Put 30 years’ experience on your side.

  • – 2 companies reached the coveted INC 500 fastest-growing level
  • – Published thought leader by Financial Time’s ExecSense service.
  • – Stanford MBA/KPMG CPA

His passion is “helping leaders grow companies.” He’s a fast talking Yankee with an Ole Miss accent. They trained Gary in Boston, Houston and Silicon Valley: for success, not perfection, speed and strategic results.

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