Direct Mail Is NOT Dead

Eugene Montanez

In his book, “Direct Mail is NOT Dead,” Eugene Montanez explains the importance of an effective call to action. Not only does it urge your prospect to respond to your offer, but it also gives you actions to track. When they visit the website or call the phone number you supply, you can count the number of people who respond and use the information to improve the effectiveness of future mailings.

About the Author

Entrepreneur Eugene Montanez knows from firsthand experience what it takes to grow a successful business. While still in high school, he opened his first business in his mother’s garage and transformed it into a modern printing and marketing firm. Today, Eugene and his wife, Paula, still oversee operations at Allegra Marketing Print Mail in Corona, CA, where they help businesses of all niches expand and increase profits through unique marketing campaigns. Eugene is also active in local politics, serving on the City of Corona Planning Commission for eight years before being elected to the City Council and serving two terms as Mayor of Corona. During his tenure as a city leader, Eugene actively attracted nationally recognized companies to the southern California city and encouraged them to stay in the area. Visit and learn how you can use his expertise and proven strategies to transform your own business through effective marketing.

When you purchase the book, you get access to several resources to help you implement the ideas.

  • 3 Ways to Grow Your Business poster
  • Branding Is Not Good reminder
  • Full-color direct mail samples
  • Ideas for writing effective headlines
  • Planning worksheets