The Compassionate Geek

Don Crawley

Now in its third edition, The Compassionate Geek by Don Crawley, was written by a tech person for tech people. There are no frills, just customer service best practices and ideas that actually work! Filled with practical customer service tips, best practices, and real-world techniques, The Compassionate Geek is a quick read with equally fast results. Each chapter includes a reflection and discussion section to help you improve your customer service skills. There are lots of personal stories and examples of mistakes made and lessons learned. This new edition adds an entire chapter on overcoming personal and professional obstacles. All of the information is presented in a straightforward style that you can understand and use right away. There’s nothing foo-foo, just down-to-earth tips and technical support best practices learned from years of working with technical staff and demanding customers and end users.

About the Author

Don R. Crawley, Linux+ and IPv6 Silver Engineer, is a lifetime geek, plus speaker and author of six books ranging in subject from Cisco to Linux to compassionate communication. His focus is on helping IT and other technical staff to master the arts of customer service and communication. He is also President/Chief Technologist of the Seattle-based IT training company, He has more than four decades experience working with workplace technology and automation and holds multiple technical certifications. In addition to being a popular author in the tech world, he has spoken before audiences in all 50 states and Canada, plus the United Kingdom, the Sultanate of Oman, and Australia. In his spare time, he plays the pipe organ, watches the ships on Puget Sound, and laughs with his family.

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