Make Unstoppable Simple

Dina Simon

Make Unstoppable Simple

Being unstoppable doesn’t mean you are never blocked or stuck on your way through life. It means you need to figure out how to break through life’s obstacles and fully live your journey. That’s the essence of Make Unstoppable Simple.  It is a creative way to problem-solve, learn to see road blocks or people with a different lens, and figure out how to move your life forward.  Many people unnecessarily suffer in silence, letting fear or panic stop them in their tracks.  The fear of failure or of having to admit you need help doesn’t need to end your dreams.  People will line up to help you if you tell them what you need and how they can help you!

Make Unstoppable Simple walks you through my life journey and shares the difficulties I have encountered along the way. The story is unique to me – but not unlike what everyone else faces.  A roadblock doesn’t need to stop you! It can be a signal that a change is needed. Use it as an opportunity to reflect on your skills and capabilities and build on that platform.  There will be times you just need some self-talk and other more serious instances when you need to call in the troops to steer you into gear.  I love to help people grow and accomplish things they never thought they could do. My hope is that Make Unstoppable Simple will serve as a springboard for you to reflect and set some actionable goals to break-through to be unstoppable and achieve whatever you want out of life – both personally and professionally.


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Dina Simon, author of Make Unstoppable Simple: Creative Problem Solving in Life and Leadership, talks about defining unstoppable and making unstoppable simple – both in our personal and professional lives.

About the Author

Dina B. Simon has always known a company’s greatest asset is its people. The core of her expertise and passion is coaching and developing leaders, teams and employees at every level to achieve their professional and personal goals. Recognized as successfully managing multi-billion dollar teams, Dina is often called upon to speak about working through difficult situations and building unstoppable relationships and teams. Dina serves as the CEO of Simon Says Lead, a consulting firm that is designated as a “benefit corporation” supporting her daughter Mandi’s nonprofit, Simon Says Give®. Together they work with talent of all ages effectively demystifying the generational gap. Dina and Mandi help grow the next generation of leaders by providing the opportunity for children to develop essential life skills and a passion for giving back. In her upcoming book, Make Unstoppable Simple, she shares the personal story of her leadership journey and the secrets of becoming “unstoppable”.