DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected

Deb Calvert

Make every sales call count and be the ONE seller buyers want to talk to! With DISCOVER Questions™ , you will be able to differentiate yourself from the pack, create value for your buyers and connect in ways you never knew were possible. The research (20+ years with sellers like you!) and anecdotes from actual sales calls will show you exactly how to become more effective in all stages of your sales process. You will advance the sale more efficiently when you use DISCOVER Questions™ and the sales approach described in this book.

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A lot can happen in just two years.

When DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected was published nearly two years ago, sellers were just beginning to realize that buyers wanted something different from them.

The empowerment of buyers had, by then, been well established and researched. It’s just that sellers were catching up, as is the natural course of change. This book, based on field research with sales professionals and their buyers, helped to explain the shift. More importantly, it offered a simple solution to the myriad of changes buyers were demanding.

The speaking tour and book sales are still going strong. Sellers want to get in on the secret that distinguishes them from other sellers in exactly the ways that buyers desire.

More research from more sources continues to demonstrate the need for sellers to be collaborative, for sellers to create value and co-create insights, and for sellers to generate demand instead of waiting for empowered buyers to call them first. There’s only one way sellers can do all this (and more!) effectively and efficiently.

DISCOVER Questions® work to advance the sale and to change the ways a buyer sees a seller. Take a look at the book reviews, speaker reviews and testimonials that have been flooding in about this approach. This is an easy shift to make, and it’s one that will radically improve your sales results. Before you dive in, take a look at these video FAQs — the author is answering questions asked by sellers like you, sellers who wonder if it could really be that easy.

For more information, check out our YouTube Channel and the FAQs about using questions to advance the sale.

About the Author

Deb Calvert, 2015 Top 50 Sales Influencer, founded People First Productivity Solutions in 2006 to help businesses build organizational strength by putting people first. The PFPS focus is to boost company productivity through people development. This work includes sales training, coaching and consulting; leadership program design and facilitation; strategic planning with senior managers; team effectiveness work and executive coaching. Deb has worked in, trained for and been featured as a keynote speaker in a wide variety of industries, and she has particular expertise in the produce/agriculture and media industries.