David Oualaalou

As the debate surrounding Iran’s nuclear agreement with the West becomes increasingly contentious, US allies in the deal: UK, Russia, China, France, and Germany are pursuing lucrative multi-billion dollar contract bids with Iran, the largest economy in the Middle East. In the book Volatile State: Iran in the Nuclear Age, global affairs consultant and speaker, Dr. David Oualaalou explores the link between the new geopolitical landscape and the attractive business opportunities that await international corporations. Industries include telecommunication, defense, aviation, energy, and many more. From British Petroleum (BP) and Total to China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) and Russia’s Gazprom examples, Dr. Oualaalou provides a fresh perspective not only on current and future political relations among the US and its allies, but also the business outlook for future strategies in Iran and the Middle East writ large. Volatile State… is important in helping the business community understand the geopolitical landscape, economic implications, and future trends with positive global economic impacts.

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About David

Dr. David Oualaalou is a global-affairs consultant, speaker, analyst, blogger, author, educator, and former international security analyst in Washington, DC. He is the founder of Global Perspective Consulting headquartered in Dallas, TX.

His company provides advice and custom analytical products to Governments, Defense, Energy and Security Industries, and Business Enterprises…

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