Hyper-Connected Selling: Winning More Business by Leveraging Digital Influence and Creating Human Connection

David J.P. Fisher

“If you could cross the late, great, sales coach Zig Ziglar – a master of face-to-face relationship selling and networking – with Gary Vaynerchuk, the digital marketing and social-media pioneer – what you’d get would think and act an awful lot like David J.P. Fisher.”
-Dean Rotbart, Monday Morning Radio

Technology has fundamentally shifted how prospects buy…which means that salespeople have to catch up and change how they sell. You don’t have to surrender your personality and drive to the robot overlords, but it’s critical to leverage all of the tools available. With the right approach, integrating technology into daily sales activities multiplies your ability to engage and provide value.

Learn how to navigate the new Sales Matrix™ and find opportunities by building relationships with a broad cross-section of prospects, clients, and partners. Information has become a commodity and there are new resources that separate the mediocre from the masters: influence and access. The Hyper-Connected world rewards those that can bring together people, insights, and opportunity.

At its core, selling is a human-to-human activity. That won’t change no matter how much technology we add to the mix. Old-school communication tools haven’t gone out of style. Quite the contrary, they’re your most powerful asset. Discover how to become a trusted Sales Sherpa™ for your prospects and integrate yourself into your customer’s buying journey.

David J.P. Fisher (best-selling author of Networking in the 21st Century) shows how the sales professionals that will survive and thrive in the new world can learn to integrate technology into their existing relationships.

About David

David J.P. Fisher lives in Evanston, Illinois, next to a beautiful cemetery, which acts as a reminder every morning to not take life for granted. He is an entrepreneur, coach, salesman, writer, meditator, marketer, musician, son, friend, brother, slam poet, clairvoyant, comedian, salsa dancer, lover of life, teller of bad jokes, yoga enthusiast, and an average cook—as long as it’s pancakes or hummus.

Known as D. Fish to everyone (except his mom), he is a sought-after speaker, author, and business coach. His passion for growth and development has allowed him to influence thousands of others during his professional career. As the current president of RockStar Consulting, he helps individuals become RockStars both offline and online by building their networking, sales, and entrepreneurial skills.

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