Rebranding Branding: Branding for the New Millennium

Darren Taylor & Mark Schreiber

The emergence of digital technologies has democratized branding from the province of marketing professionals to any teenager with an Instagram account. Brands can be institutional or personal, profitable or playful, but the environment they compete in has expanded to the global arena, where change is the only constant.

In Rebranding Branding Darren Taylor, founder of 10-year-old brand agency Taylor & Grace, and Mark Schreiber, an award-winning novelist, tell the story of branding from the British East India Company to Brexit, and argue that branding must no longer be viewed as a discretionary budget item, a stepchild to marketing, but as a lighthouse for all business strategy, an always-on beacon to illuminate your organization’s course.

Imbued with humor, history, and personal insights from the front lines of the branding business, the authors show companies how our global, digital society has made brand strategy crucial to their bottom line, and urge fellow brand strategists to promote branding as more than just a logo.

About Mark Schreiber

Mark Schreiber is an award-winning novelist. He graduated high school three years early and has been writing full-time ever since. His novel Princes in Exile was published in 10 countries and made into a film. For the last two years he has been a digital nomad, living on four continents, publishing books, creating apps and working with Taylor & Grace as a writer and brand strategist.

About Darren Taylor

Darren Taylor is a visionary brand consultant who has helped hundreds of organizations – from traditional family-run businesses to not-for-profits to mature multinationals to startups – to develop and grow their brand to compete in a global environment.

Darren is that rare entrepreneur who listens as well as he speaks, whose facilitation workshops and brand vision models are exercises in creativity that elicit laughter as well as insight. He champions self-examination and transformation as essential processes for any organization wishing to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

Educated at Swinburne University of Technology and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, He worked at a number of creative agencies before starting his own agency, Taylor & Grace, which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. He is an accomplished pianist and pipe organist and serves on the board of Musica Viva Australia. He is a pro-bono adviser to NFPs in the health, education and arts sectors, a public speaker and a mentor to young marketing professionals.