Straight Talk Your Way To Success

Dan Veitkus

Straight Talk Your Way to Success

Are you tired of “smart talk” that leads to no good outcome?

Do you really want to endure another meeting, conversation or planning session that wastes your time and leads to no meaningful conclusion?

If you’ve had enough overdose on management consulting jargon, political double-talk, pointless meetings and friendly fire masked as boardroom banter this is the book for you.

We are living in the midst of a smart talk epidemic and Straight Talk your Way to Success will point the way to a universal cure. Get ready to spot the traps and shed the smart talk trash so you can effectively rekindle the “Straight Talk” sense you were born to practice.

Straight Talk your Way to Success delivers value for everyone regardless of age, experience, or profession. And if you’re deep in the corporate and professional trenches, please take note! When Morgan Stanley recently analyzed the most successful public technology companies, they found three overwhelming attributes of all top performers – a simple and focused mission, an effective management team and a great culture. This book will help you understand why no individual or organization can achieve these enduring characteristics without a firm commitment to practice Straight Talk.

In his best selling book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins proclaimed, “Good is the enemy of great.” This book will set another maxim for our time: “Smart Talk is the enemy of Smart Execution.”

Straight Talk Your Way to Success will remind you how to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment by simplifying your life with a commitment to Straight Talk. You’ll learn a set of Straight Talk Principles that will give your conversations and communications renewed credibility and help you deliver better clarity regarding your intentions, your requirements and your desired outcomes.

It’s brief. It’s bright. It’s your guide to accelerate success!

About the Author

Dan Veitkus the Managing Partner of a global executive search and integrated talent management firm based in Boston, MA, USA.

Prior to entering the field of executive search and professional coaching, Dan served 20 years as a business leader and executive for private and public companies in the telecom, software and corporate learning sectors. His functional expertise includes international operations, sales, marketing, professional services, learning and development and entrepreneurial ventures. He has logged millions of miles traveling around the world leading teams, serving customers and building successful business partnerships.

As a former operating executive, Veitkus’ clients value the practical and relevant insights he brings to the executive search and leadership coaching process. His direct experience coaching teams, executives, business partners and entrepreneurs facilitates his ability to provide unique service as a trusted partner and advisor to clients, candidates and executives.

Dan assigns meaningful credit for his success as an entrepreneur and leader to the timeless Straight Talk Principles taught to him by his paternal grandmother, Adeline. These principles have helped him shape and influence positive outcomes throughout his life and he delights in sharing them with those he may be coaching or leading. A perpetual student and an inspiring coach, Dan serves colleagues, clients and
audiences around the world as an acting practitioner of the principles outlined in Straight Talk your Way to Success. He has authored a guide that is tested against the reality of living, working, giving and excelling in
today’s highly competitive, global marketplace.

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