Golf 101 for Executives

Cindy Miller

Golf 101 for Executives is the perfect resource for anyone who needs to use the game of golf as a business tool. Covered in this book is etiquette, rules, golf instruction, and a glossary. Easy to read and simple to understand, this is a must-have for executives who want to use golf to build and foster business relationships.

About Why Should I Play Golf?

Golf is the only game that provides you over four hours of uninterrupted time with a customer, business associate or boss during which you can develop a relationship. There is a mutual understanding or common respect among golfers. Most seem to understand the complexity of the challenge.

I have asked some of my high golf handicap friends and students why they love to play. Their answers:“I love being outside… I love spending time with my spouse…I love the personal challenge.” I have also heard, “I am too old to play football. But I can, every once in a while, hit that special golf shot and pretend I just won the U.S. Open. For that split second, I can feel like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Paula Creamer, or Yani Tseng.”

About the Author

A leading expert at taking another shot, Cindy Miller is a veteran of five Women’s U.S. Opens. A sought after speaker, coach, and corporate trainer,
she is a certified behavior, motivation, judgment, and emotions analyst who inspires and equips you to be better. A facilitator of change, Cindy challenges you to own “it”. In Business. In Sport. In Life.

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