The Customer Culture Imperative

Christopher Brown


For the first time, this groundbreaking guide unlocks the secrets used by Amazon, Virgin, Apple, Starbucks, and It creates a guide for success based on three years of scientific study drawing insights from more than 100 businesses to identify seven key factors. When implemented together these factors have been proven to drive superior business performance. Customer culture is as fundamental to business performance as breathing is to living. It is the life force of your business. This applies no matter what your industry sector.

And with the evidence-based methods in this book, you can replicate their success in your business!

The Customer Culture Imperative reveals the key disciplines of customer culture that consistently predict enhanced, sustainable business results. Each one is linked to a particular strategy and drives predictable and measurable improvements in one or more business performance factors–from innovation and customer satisfaction to growth in sales and profits to higher rates of new-product success. It gives you the tools to:

  • – Inspire everyone in the company to embrace a customer-centric culture
  • – Unify efforts across units by creating a “common language” for change
  • – Collect and measure data from your efforts and benchmark your progress
  • – Make change long term so you leave a legacy of an enduring business


Creating a customer-centric company takes more than making an investment in the customer service department and systems. It’s about building a culture in which the customer is at the heart of all decisions made within every function and unit. What’s best for the customer is what’s best for business. Make that a part of the DNA of your organization, and you will lead your company to unprecedented success. Guaranteed.

About the Author

Chris L Brown is the former marketing director for Hewlett-Packard for the South Pacific Region, including Australia. For the past 10 years he has consulted to the leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies including IBM, PwC, 3M, BlackRock and Chevron among many others. His specialty is helping leaders to create customer-centered organizations that win in competitive marketplaces.

His writing is featured on the Harvard Business Review Blog, The Journal Strategy and Leadership and B2B Magazine. He is a regular keynote presenter and workshop facilitator for the American Marketing Association and the Executive Next Practices Institute in Los Angeles. He is currently CEO of MarketCulture, a Silicon Valley-based management consulting firm.

Dr. Linden R Brown is chairman and cofounder of MarketCulture Strategies Inc., a Silicon Valley company focused on measuring the level of customer-centric cultures of organizations and the associated risks and opportunities. He co-authored the latest edition of the #1 selling Australian university textbook, Marketing, with Professor Philip Kotler.

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