Building Brand Value

Bruce Turkel

Have you ever wondered why almost identical products sell for vastly different sums just because of the name or logo printed on them? Why companies spend millions of dollars on advertising that seldom shows the product they want you to buy? Why some people get higher salaries for doing the exact same job as their lesser-paid peers? Have you ever wondered how you could put the answer to these questions to work for you? Bruce Turkel explains these and other ideas with simple, clear explanations, anecdotes, and illustrations. He explores the design of German car logos, Haitian President Aristede’s speech to the Summit of the Americas and how his son got an A in his fifth grade music class to demonstrate how companies and individuals can build their own brand value.

Turkel practices what he preaches by breaking down a complicated, difficult-to-understand practice into an easy-to-understand guide. His friendly and entertaining delivery and generous information in speaking and writing is what charms his audiences and leaves them feeling richer for being exposed to the experiences Turkel shares. Turkel’s seven simple steps:

  1. 1. All About Them
  2. 2. Hearts Then Minds
  3. 3. Make It Simple
  4. 4. Make It Quick
  5. 5. Make It Yours
  6. 6. All Five Senses
  7. 7. Repeat. Repeat

Provide a universal framework for communicating what you do and making it much more valuable.

About the Author

Bruce Turkel is an advertising and branding expert who helps make his clients’ brands more valuable. He has worked with great companies including Nike, Discovery Channel, HBO, Baptist Hospital, and the Miami and Puerto Rico Convention and Visitors Bureaus. Bruce has spoken at TED, MIT, UM, and Harvard, been heard on NPR, FOX, and CNN and featured in The New York Times, Fast Company and Communications Arts Magazines. He has published three books on advertising and marketing including his latest – Building Brand Value. He is a native of Miami Beach and a graduate of the University of Florida. Why has he done all this? Bruce says it’s simple: “I don’t play harmonica that well.”