Betsy B Muller

Have you wondered if you have enough energy and clarity to get your to-do list completed with skill, quality and ease? Energy Makeover is a book about actively co-creating our own personal evolution by liberal doses of self-effort. It you tend to be a bit lazy and/or passive and lean toward procrastination, this is a book that will inspire you to go beyond your perceived limitations and to reach out and take Betsy’s firm but gentle hand as she coaches you toward your own transformation into wholeness. It is a book filled with hope and inspiration, encouragement and spot-on guidance, a cornucopia of wisdom, a garden of delight, a portable companion that could easily substitute for your daily book of meditation. It is a book filled with heart that will fill your heart in turn. If you have been waiting for an Energy Makeover, it has arrived.

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What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?

You arrive at the airline boarding gate to leave on your vacation. Looking around at other passengers, you notice a woman vigorously tapping on her face and torso. This behavior—although it may appear bizarre—is one of the safest, drug-free methods for treating fears, nervousness, discomfort and tension, including the fear of flying. Called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), this simple, easy to learn, self-administered treatment can be used by people of all ages on a wide variety of issues. It also is especially effective used in private counseling/coaching sessions.


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About the Author

Betsy Muller, MBA, CAP-EFT, CEHP

Betsy Muller is a coach, speaker, author who has assisted thousands of people in discovering their full potential through conscious self-care. In addition to an MBA and over 30 years of diverse business management experience, Ms. Muller is a noted authority and popular radio and TV guest on work/life balance and using energy self-care as a vehicle for personal success. Betsy is a Certified Soul Detective, a non-denominational minister and one of only 7 ACEP- Certified Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioners in the world.

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