Opening Doors

Angela Preston

In May 2014, I decided to quit the job that had run through my veins for so long and I loved so much. Up until a few months before, I still woke up every day thankful I had landed the role I wanted more than anything. I had worked my way up from grassroots level and knew the ins and outs of the job. This was necessary if I was to be successful. I felt I had to be effective not just for myself, but also for the divisional manager, who had believed in me and given me my chance. My work ethic had been instilled in me from a little girl, coming from a family of six girls, four of which were older than me. They along with our parents had shown me what you can achieve from working hard, but my hunger to succeed started at an early age. From as far back as I can remember, I didn’t take losing very well, so more often than not, I studied and practiced every game we played, giving me that edge all the time, ensuring I won most of the time, and this still continues today.

About the Author

Angela Preston is the author of Opening Doors and motivational speaker. Her book is based on true life events of growing up in inner city Liverpool in the 70s and 80s.

Known for her zest and passion for empowering individuals, she is a recognised authority on confidence and personal development. She is a regular guest on both radio, TV and a keen participant in women's organisations, she also organises and comperes at events to raise much needed funds for charity organisations.

Angela has experience in Leadership as a top performing strategic manager within numerous sectors prior to becoming an executive coach.

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