Definable Moments: Master the Moments that Matter in Life and Business

Andrew Horsfield

Work worth doing always has a hard part.

In any results-driven activity, there are defining moments. That point in time between getting started and getting finished, when things become hard and aspirations for achievement get seriously challenged. When things become hard, people can feel stuck, and performance can stagnate.

People who advance performance rarely stay stuck.

They accept the stretch associated with achievement and put their skills to work. The results we seek only get realized when we pursue what we care about and commit ourselves to the moments that matter. Easier said than done when difficulties arise that can quickly derail the effort.

If you are a leader who is feeling stuck or looking to advance existing levels of success, this book will prove invaluable. With content that is practical, thought-provoking and performance orientated, Definable Moments is one of those rare books that will change how you work, lead and live.

About Andrew Horsfield

Andrew Horsfield is a performance consultant who advises leaders in business, sport and social enterprise. With deep expertise in advancing people and performance, he avoids
the fist pumping rah-rah preferring to focus on cutting edge capability that delivers real world results.

He works exclusively with forward thinking leaders who have work to get done. Work that shifts the balance, moves things forward, and makes results happen. This has included harnessing leadership talent, turning around disengaged teams and helping elite athletes find another level.

Andrew is that rare consultant who works with you rather than talks at you, and can educate as well as entertain an audience. He champions leaders to find the highest levels of personal leadership in order to stay meaningful and motivated in an increasingly complex and competitive world.

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