Kevin Jonas (Jonas Brothers) Founder of the Yood App

Dov Baron sits down with global-celebrity-turned-entrepreneur Kevin Jonas at the C-Suite Conference in Boston to talk business and his latest venture into the world of mobile apps.

Kevin Jonas was of course part of the pop group The Jonas Brothers. However, you may be surprised to discover that he is also a serious business head, who knows how to leverage is celebrity status.

Aside from investing in building and rebuilding homes. He now has an arm of his business dedicated to developing App’s. On the weekend he released it, his “Yood” app became the #1 downloaded app in iTunes.

This young man understands business and how the Millennial market works.

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Thomas White, CEO of C-Suite Network, Interview with Dov Baron

On this episode of Dov Baron’s Leadership & Loyalty Podcast, Thomas White, CEO of C-Suite Network – a community of leaders, joins Dov Baron to discus how the C-Suite community came about.

Having started his first tech company back in 1972, Thomas has watched companies and trends come and go.

In this show, filmed at the C-suite conference in Marina del Ray California in November 2014, Thomas share with us the dangers of reaching higher and higher levels of success, and why the B-to-B or B-to-C business models are all wrong!

The C-Suite Network includes:
* C-Suite Conference
* C-Suite Collective
* C-Suite Academy
* C-Suite TV
* C-Suite Radio
* C-Suite Book Club
* C-Suite ExChange

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Michael Williams, CMO, Grand Prix America, Formula 1, Interview with Dov Baron

Dov Baron, host of Full Monty Leadership Radio, interviewed Michael Williams, CMO at the Grand Prix of America, Formula 1, during the C-Suite Network Conference in Marina del Rey about the importance of storytelling in marketing and while the title of CMO may need to change in the future.

Did you know that there is going to be a Grand Prix Race in New York?

Imagine the logistics of trying to put together a Grand Prix with the city of New York as your backdrop… mind boggling. That’s what Michael and his team are doing.

What would it take for you to be the kind of leadership position as a brand to be part of such a massive event?
Michael shares with us the power and importance of using “story” and why being a Chief Marketing Officer is a Bad Title!

This guy has a very different approach to what marketing is, and I think there are some profound lessons for all of us, no matter what our position or title.

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Matt Lanfear, CEO Great Eastern Energy, Interview with Dov Baron

Dov Baron, host of Full Monty Leadership Radio, interviewed Matt Lanfear, CEO of Great Eastern Energy, during the C-Suite Network Conference in Marina del Rey about the ways in which is company is bringing awareness to energy use and its impact on organizations.

Matt Lanfear, CEO of Great Eastern Energy speaks with us on how energy providers are now having to step up and take on the responsibility of being energy educators. You may be surprised by what he says about the resources we have and what has to change.

Energy costs and stewardship for small to mid-sized businesses are hot topics of conversation today. Matt speaks about how Great Eastern Energy is taking the lead on awareness of energy use and it’s impact on both ecology and the bottom line.

Today many small businesses are turning away from their standard utility companies and looking toward alternative suppliers to assist them with both costs and energy management.

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Jeff Lowe, VP Marketing, Smart Technologies, ‘Charged With Murder of The Flip Chart’

Dov Baron, host of Full Monty Leadership Radio, interviewed Jeff Lowe, VP of Marketing at SMART Technologies during the C-Suite Network Conference in Marina del Rey about his company’s innovative new product, SMART kapp.

How many meetings have you left thinking; “what was the point of that?” What about; “What the heck was that meeting about, anyway?” Because by the time you got back to your desk most of the content of the meeting was a blur.

Maybe you’ve been in this situation: You are joining the meeting virtually and the speaker is writing on the flip chart but you can’t possibly make out what was written. Frustration builds and despite your best efforts you mind wanders and another meeting goes down the brain drain.

Enter Jeff Lowe and with the simplest most powerful tech we have all be waiting for.

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Connection, Loyalty and Disengaged Millennial Talent

by Dov Baron


We all know that employee disengagement is at an all-time high, but what does that mean to you and your organization? Come with me on a journey: Imagine I ask you if you’d like to go out to dinner with me. As you and I sit down in the restaurant for a relaxing meal, you look over at a nearby table and see four people sitting together. The table is silent, but there is no indication that someone had said something awkward or offensive to create this intense silence.

You have a momentary flashback to your childhood and you consider that these “friends” may be praying, as their heads are down and there’s no eye contact. Then, the rampantly obvious hits you.
No, of course they are not praying. Each one of them has chosen to go out to dinner with friends, and rather than speaking to the person or persons in front of them, they are choosing to chat with someone who is not there. No doubt, they are telling the virtual friend how boring it is to be out with the folks in front of them. The sad thing is, most often, the person on the device does not even fully realize they are not there in any other form than as a warm body in the room.

Today, we have an ever-increasing number of devices we can use to communicate, and yet our communication skills appear to declining at an equally rapid rate. Could there be a connection between this and the fact that the younger end of Generation X, and now Generation Y (also known as the Millennials), seem to change jobs almost as often as they change underwear?

According to Gallop Research, 70 percent of employees are actively disengaged. This means they are sitting at their workstations and behaving pretty much the same way as the four folks in the restaurant we just described. Now, imagine that instead of just observing these diners being disengaged, you were also expected to pay their tab. My guess is that you said (at least under your breath) something resembling, “Screw that!”

Yet, this is exactly what is going on in the work world every single day if you do not find ways to actively engage and bond with your Millennial talent.
As leaders, we can no longer assume that our people are engaged just because we pay them — clearly, that is not the case. Real and lasting engagement is part of what creates a Fiercely Loyal team.
However, engagement has many dimensions, and the first of those is to understand the old idea that your personal and professional lives are separate is now dead wrong! Millennials do not separate work life from personal life. Actually that’s not entirely true, they sometimes will… when they are working in an environment where they are disengaged, and then they leave! What this means, at the simplest level, is you have got to get to know your people, and just as importantly, let them know you want them to be engaged.

I trust that you found this article valuable, if so feel free to share it with your friends. I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments. Please share, like and comment below!

*This article is an adapted excerpt from Dov Baron’s upcoming book, “Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent.” One of the most powerful elements of Dov’s new book is the little-known three sentences leading CEOs and HR use to keep their top talent. They are yours as a gift here.

dovDov Baron speaks internationally and is a leading expert on The Power of Authentic Leadership for Creating a Corporate Culture of Fiercely Loyal Talent. To bring Dov in to speak to your group or organization, please contact Authentic Paragon Alliance at +1 778 397 7717. Find Dov online at and follow him on Twitter @DovBaron.

Change Requires Courage

by Dov Baron


The reason that courage is an absolute necessity in becoming an Authentic Vulnerable Full Monty Leader is that, in order to become such a leader, you have to face change and make changes. And change requires courage. Authentic Vulnerable Leadership, or as I call it, Full Monty Leadership, is NOT for wimps!

For those who want traditional “leadership development,” there are probably thousands of books to read and courses to take. But for leaders who understand that not only has the economy changed, but the entire world of business has changed, and along with those changes has come a deep awakening that leadership at all levels must also change and evolve.

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Leadership Evolution: Adapt or Die!

by Dov Baron


I think you’d agree: The greatest leaders are those who are most adaptive. Maybe you, in fact, are a leader and understand that to be the best, you must keep adapting and growing. As such, your organization must do the same. If you carry these beliefs, it’s likely you’ve been a leader for a long time, and your organization has what appears to be an established culture.

Has your culture adapted, however, so that it’s ready for the largest worker influx in history, the Millennials? Do you have a culture that actually does — and will continue to — generate fierce loyalty? To answer these questions, we will have to take a step back and look at what it takes to generate fierce loyalty in your people — and, more specifically, what drives people and keeps them engaged. As I specifically outline in my upcoming book, “Fiercely Loyal: How High Performance Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent,” the Millennial workforce is motivated by very different factors than the previous generations.

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Leadership, Relevance and Loyalty: An Interview with Dov Baron and Mark Sanborn

At the premier C-Suite Network Conference, Dov Baron interviews keynote speaker and leadership expert Mark Sanborn. In this video podcast, the two share an intimate conversation about relevancy as a leader and the true meaning of culture.

An intimate conversation with top leadership speaker and multiple bestselling author, Mark Sanborn at Jeffrey Hayzlett’s C-Suite Network Event. 
Mark shares with us what it takes for you to stay at the top of your game…to stay relevant.

We also discus how to assess the “true” culture of your organization. Find out what’s really going on with your people. 
And why as a leader the last thing you want is followers! Great interview from Jeffrey Hayzlett’s C-Suite 2014 Networking Event!
Packed with insights, tips and clear direction.

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Leadership, It’s all Different Except Where It’s The Same

Don’t underestimate millennials, says Dov Baron. They are bright, entrepreneurial, ambitious and not waiting for permission. Baron provides insight on young leaders and entrepreneurs he met at the C-Suite Network Conference in Dallas.

It is said that the old guard don’t change their beliefs, we just have to wait for them to die.

Many in leadership today complain about these Millennial’s “They don’t have our work ethic,” “they’re all entitled” and “they think they’re going to change the world”

Let’s just stop for a moment and do a Reality Check: As weird and different as the Millennial generation may seem, let’s not forget that the old guard of today (the baby boomers) were at one time “hippies” who weren’t going to “work for the man”. The generation before them said pretty much the same thing: “They don’t have our work ethic” “they’re all entitled” and “they think they’re going to change the world”

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