Val Tsanev

Founder & CEO, ConferencePulse

Founder/CEO of ConferencePulse – a conference intelligence platform that helps conference organizers secure sponsors, speakers and venues by providing accurate sales and marketing intelligence.

Former Founder/CEO of an exclusive online real estate marketplace.

Wall Street professional with demonstrated leadership skills and 10 years of experience across investment banking, strategy and consulting. Worked on more than $1.2 billion of M&A, IPOs, Follow-Ons and New Business deals, while at Credit Suisse.

Deep understanding of financial modeling, corporate strategy, new business models formation, residential real estate, consulting analysis, startup customer discovery, startup fund raising, business development, marketing, client acquisition and deal structuring.

Born and raised in Bulgaria, lived 6 years in Greece, obtained bachelor’s degree in computer science from St. John’s University, obtained MBA degree from Cornell University while working full time for Credit Suisse.