Thomas White

Co-Founder and CEO, C-Suite Network

Thomas White is a co-founder and CEO of C-Suite Network which joins together thought leaders and business professionals and expands their audience through social media and peer networking.

The C-Suite Network includes a variety of services to connect the most powerful business leaders. From invitation-only conferences, to custom-tailored content, C-Suite Radio and C-Suite Television, and to the educational programs from C-Suite Academy, this network covers the diverse needs of high-performing professionals. C-Suite’s social media program, Kuhoots, connects clients with individual advocates. Advocates build relationships with clients to intimately understand their business goals, and use social media to effectively and authentically market to their target audience.

Prior to C-Suite, Thomas has started 10 companies in the fields of high technology, publishing, market research and corporate consulting. He also holds four patents and is co-author of a book on business process technology, executive producer of radio programming and speaker.