Jerry Henley

Managing Partner, Rubicon Capital Consultants

Henley is currently the Managing Partner of Rubicon Capital Consultants (RCC). RCC focuses on bridging the gap between successful companies and the “right” value added financial partner. RCC geographical expertise is in the western United States with an emphasis in the Intermountain West. Although Mr. Henley has owned many small businesses he cut his teeth with Sorenson Capital, which has over a billion dollars under management. He joined Sorenson Capital Partners (SCP) as the VP of Marketing in May 2011 and, through his well-established networks, focused on the firm’s sourcing and marketing efforts. In late 2013, he took a sabbatical from full time with SCP to become a Managing director with a large software development company where he and his team turned the company from declining year over year sales to a 50% growth model. During that time and to this date he still consults with SCP in the area of M & A. Prior to joining Sorenson Capital, he was Associate Director with the Office of the President at Brigham Young University where he worked very closely with the national business community in major fundraising projects. Mr. Henley’s background includes 17 years with Amgen Biotech and 4 years with Pfizer. He started carrying a bag and eventually was promoted to numerous positions in Corporate Accounts over Integrated Health Systems and also Government contracts.

Mr. Henley graduated from Brigham Young University in Business Management with a concentration in marketing.

Currently he serves on a few boards, which include: ITC-Idaho Tech Council, Venture Brown Institute, Aethos-Bottega, Cookin SaaS software and ACG Utah. He also served on the Research and Business Development Center, BYUI.