David Gale

Co-Founder and CEO, We Are The Mighty

David built on his accomplished career as a filmmaker and industry leader with the creation of WATM. WATM’s team of veteran creators and media experts have fostered a strong connection with the mil-vet community through authentic storytelling and strong community engagement. WATM is central to veterans seeking careers in film, TV and media and is a trusted gateway for clients and partners who want to connect creatively and with America’s 114 million service members, veterans and their families.  While at the helm of various top production companies, including running divisions at MTV Networks, David produced 27 films which generated more than $1 billion in box office revenue and earned dozens of awards and nominations including Oscars, Independent Spirit and Golden Globes. He is recognized for launching the careers of some of Hollywood’s best-known talent, consistently producing memorable and profitable entertainment, and being an innovator where technology and media intersect. David is the son of a WWII veteran who gave his family a deep appreciation for the military. He is the founder of nonprofit Hollywood HEART.