Rackspace new EMEA CTO tasked with coaching emerging leadership and technical talent

Business continuity is built on people skills and loyalty, and Rackspace is getting a 20-year-long veteran to get that done right.

Cloud company Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) has a new CTO for EMEA and on top of the normal CTO duties, the executive has been tasked with coaching and mentoring the company’s emerging leadership and technical talent.

Lee James, new EMEA CTO for Rackspace

The role has been filled by Lee James, who has hold senior technology positions within Computacenter, BP and BetFair.

The CTO will work closely with internal teams to influence the product roadmap and services in line with future market and customer trends, and grow the business in the region, the company said in a statement.

He will have authority over the planning, launching and refining of products and services, “ensuring that Rackspace has a customer-aligned strategy in the EMEA region”.