A quarter of McDonald’s UK workers have seen viral Momentum video, Facebook data shows

A viral Momentum video on the McDonald’s workers’ strike has been viewed by around a quarter of the burger chain’s UK employees, according to Facebook data.

The Labour grassroots campaign group, whose online campaigning drew huge audiences for pro-Labour videos and memes during the general election, said the video had been made on a budget of less than £30.

Facebook’s advertiser analytics, which use the workplace listed by people on their profiles, showed the video had been viewed by 25,480 McDonald’s workers on Facebook so far.

The social media network says it has 98,000 UK profiles where McDonald’s is listed on the profile, though some may be duplicate or parody accounts. McDonald’s official figure for their UK workforce is 97,000 across 1,200 outlets.

The video features two McDonald’s workers talking about difficulties managing zero-hours contracts, rotating day and night shifts and irregular breaks, shortly after workers at the restaurant staged their first UK strike.


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