Facebook users vexed by sound on autoplaying videos – here’s how to stop it

Facebook’s long-dreaded update that switches on sound for autoplaying videos by default is starting to roll out causing users to lash out on social media. Here’s how to turn it off.

First Facebook rolled out autoplaying videos in the News Feed on its app by default, causing users to complain about the increased data consumption from their mobile plans. Now those same autoplaying videos will start pumping out sound in a feature, as one user put it, “literally nobody asked for”.

The feature was announced in February, but has only been slowly rolling out to users showing an in-app alert when updated, with some of the earliest complaints to be found around May. By June users were revolting:


Literally nobody asked for this pic.twitter.com/9dM1aJelUe

July 16, 2017

Owen Williams ⚡️

During Facebook’s announcement of the feature in February, product manager Dana Sittler and engineering manager Alex Li said: “As…