Champion Data Analysis Fuels Boston Celtics

A loyal fan base and targeted data analysis helps the Boston Celtics build relationships with season ticket holders and maintain an impressive 60% email open rate.

The Boston Celtics have an inherent intangible brand value. But while they revel in their deep tradition, they work hard to make sure the brand doesn’t get stuck in the past, noted Rich Gotham, team president, speaking with Jeffrey Hayzlett at theC-Suite Network Conference in Boston on Monday.

Professional sports is a high touch environment where customer service is important, he said. “There’s enormous value in treating customers like family.”

The basketball team maintains a sophisticated database marketing operation, with ongoing outbound telemarketing and emails efforts operating on a regular basis. “The team knows how to slice and dice our audience and sell the right product to the right people,” said Gotham.

For example, at this point in the year, the Celtics marketing team is looking at season ticket renewals on a daily basis, considering variables from the particular sales rep working with the customer, to how long the fan has held a ticket or where their seats are in the building. For regular ticket sales, a real-time pricing dashboard looks not only at internal sales but secondary sales sites, to help the team move seats right up to game time.

One of the biggest indicators for season ticket holder renewals is how often the fan uses their seats. Customer experience officers sometimes visit fans at their seats prior to games beginning, to say hello and see what is going on, especially if the fan has missed several games in row. Whether someone uses their seat themselves, or passes them along to someone else is also tracked.

“Knowing this stuff is important,” he said. “Feedback allows us to do what we need to do to connect with customers.”

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Are You Honoring Your Values?

by Steve Rizzo


We are living in a world that is moving at an amazing pace.  It is easy to get lost and misplace our feelings and values.  Most of us are conditioned to devote most of our waking hours on our jobs and professional goals leaving little, if any, time for other important aspects of our lives.

Who can deny that we live in a highly competitive society that stresses the importance of being the very best, rather than simply to do the best we can?  Many have bought into the grand deception of always wanting more, regardless of what they already have.

We have adopted the illusion that money, power and fame can fill that self-created emptiness and make us feel complete. I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with these things. It is the obsession with them that make them dangerous.

Maybe it would be wise for us to come to the realization that what we think we want in life may not necessarily be what we need in order to lead a truly successful and happy life. Maybe, just maybe, we are leaving out important factors from the equation of what truly completes us as individuals. Maybe it’s just a matter of making a slight shift, finding your balance and choosing a better way. Maybe there are too many “maybes” in this paragraph.

Here’s my point: Your personal and professional lives are parts of you that make up the whole of you. If you put most of your time and energy into one area, you run the risk of leaving the other unfulfilled. This is especially common with those who are high achievers — perhaps like you, dear reader?

When our jobs consume us, there will  eventually be a price to pay. Of course, it is important to love what we are doing for a living. It is essential that we devote quality time toward our jobs and do our work with excellence. The problem arises when what we do for a living interferes with our other precious core values.

A value can be something tangible or intangible that we esteem highly; like health and fitness, honesty, truthfulness, freedom, courage, spirituality, beauty, raising well-adjusted children, taking care of our families, goodness, playfulness, self-sufficiency, disposable income, creative projects, time to spend as we like and so on. These cherished values are sacred parts of ourselves f that need to be experienced and expressed. They give us self-worth. If we ignore them for too long, it leads to unhappiness — regardless of how prestigious your profession is, how much money you make or how successful you think you are.

The people facing a conflict between their work and their core values have conversations in their heads that go something like these:

  • I’d like to spend more time with my family. I really enjoy spending time at home; I love quality time with my children, playing with them, helping them with their homework and learning about their favorite activities and their friends. I love my job, but it hurts that I am missing out on valuable time with my kids, time that I know I will never get back. I am going to have to cut down on working late. I want to occasionally leave early so I can have more time for them. When I get home too late, I know that I missed out on something very special. And I don’t like going to bed feeling guilty.
  • I’d sure like to take a whole weekend off from work, without interruption, and free from emails, my cell phone and its text messages. I’m sick of taking my job home with me! I want to be able to do what I want: read a book, listen to music, work in my garden or just sleep. I miss this part of myself, and I’m taking it back.
  • I want to do the things that connect me to my spirit. Yes, things are going great at work. I’ve been recognized as “salesman of the year” three years in a row. I’m producing more than I ever could have imagined. I am truly blessed for the financial wealth I have accumulated over the years. But my spiritual reservoir is on “empty.” Taking time to commune with nature is important to me. I can’t remember the last time I went hiking or even walked through a scenic area. I barely have time to meditate or to appreciate a sunrise or sunset the way I used to. I guess I just got caught up. Yes, I’m successful, but I don’t feel fulfilled. I have to bring that sacred part of me back to myself. There is no reason why I can’t continue my success at work and fulfill this other sacred part of myself as well. I deserve to be happy on all levels.

If you’re having conversations like these in your head, it’s a sign that things must change, and it is up to you to change them. When you finally become aware that your job is interfering with other important parts of yourself, you can begin searching for ways to create more balance in your life. Noticing something’s not working is the first step to living in accordance with your values.

The result of living aligned with all your values is increased peace of mind, self-respect, a sense of mastery of your own life and a sense of fulfillment. Now that’s what I call nourishing your soul!

JVI_0469j-webSteve Rizzo is more than a Funny Motivational Speaker. Don’t let the laughter fool you! What Steve brings to the table is his captivating ability to engage the attendees with laughter as he challenges them to SHIFT their focus and way of thinking to discover greater enthusiasm, increased productivity and new levels of success. Recognizing difficult situations don’t cause us to fail or be unhappy, but rather our negative thoughts and beliefs about the situations, Steve has been Adjusting Attitudes in organizations throughout the world such as AT&T, Prudential, State Farm, LaQuinta, and even the CIA (yes, he even had them laughing!) since 1994.
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C-Suite Network Forms Partnership With Executive Network ExecuNet

The C-Suite Network, the world’s most powerful network of C-Suite leaders, today announced a partnership with ExecuNet, the leading private membership community for U.S.-based CEOs and vice presidents. The partnership will expand the reach of ExecuNet’s content benefiting both their members and the C-Suite Network’s members.

ExecuNet helps senior-level executives find greater success in their careers, in business and as leaders through customized access to their exclusive community. They help executives from small to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 1,000 companies discover new career and business opportunities, as well as gain the cutting-edge knowledge and connections they need to be more successful businesspeople.

“This exciting new partnership will help make top executives’ lives better. It will help them build more meaningful personal networks and equip them with the tools, insights, and frameworks they need to propel their organizations and careers forward,” said ExecuNet President Mark Anderson.

C-Suite Network focuses on the professional success of its members via an online network of tailored content to the evolving needs of C-Suite executives through conferences, business intel and services that support the members’ business in attaining operational excellence.

“At the C-Suite Network, we are excited to forge this partnership with ExecuNet. Our businesses cater to C-level executives who are always looking for that extra knowledge and that key connection necessary to expand their businesses,” said Thomas White, CEO and co-founder of C-Suite Network. “Our members will now benefit from an array of expanded services.”

For more information about ExecuNet and the C-Suite Network, visit: and

About Execunet
ExecuNet is the original executive network, and remains the private membership community of choice for over one-half million US-based CEOs and Vice Presidents, influential thought leaders, coaches and recruiters. Founded in 1988 by Dave Opton, ExecuNet has helped hundreds of thousands of executives make life-changing contacts and gain the trusted insight they need to open doors to remarkable new opportunities; overcome tough business challenges; and become stronger, inspired leaders.

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