New C-Suite Network Report: Responsibility for Enterprise Digitization Should Shift From IT to C-Level Executives

A new report questions the traditional role of IT leading enterprise digitization planning and calls for C-level executives to develop and implement digitization strategies.

The C-Suite Network, the world’s most powerful network of C-Suite leaders, today announced, in conjunction with leading global IT services company HCL Technologies, the release of a white paper on the critical imperatives of enterprise digitization and the role of the C-Suite in assuring companies’ competitive positioning through new strategic initiatives.

While digitization touches every aspect of business, the process for both innovation and implementation has historically been random and primarily driven by IT organizations.

The report will provide insights on how organizations are addressing enterprise digitization issues. Many are bringing together their digital strategy under the oversight of a Chief Digital Officer, while others are empowering their operating executives to step into developing the best digital strategy for meeting operational objectives, or simply ignoring the issue altogether.

“Many companies mistakenly believe their IT department should handle digital planning,” said Thomas White, CEO and co-founder of C-Suite Network. “However, this report reveals that the source of change needs to come from the C-level executives. They have the power and initiative to assure a solid game-plan is implemented consistently across the entire enterprise.”

“Enterprise digitization can offer a significant competitive advantage, yet as this new whitepaper demonstrates, many enterprises aren’t giving this opportunity the strategic, C-level attention it deserves,” said Matt Preschern, executive vice-president and CMO of HCL Technologies. “We hope this report is a catalyst to drive discussion and convince enterprises to seriously reexamine their digital planning.”

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