Thomas White, CEO of C-Suite Network, Interview with Dov Baron

On this episode of Dov Baron’s Leadership & Loyalty Podcast, Thomas White, CEO of C-Suite Network – a community of leaders, joins Dov Baron to discus how the C-Suite community came about.

Having started his first tech company back in 1972, Thomas has watched companies and trends come and go.

In this show, filmed at the C-suite conference in Marina del Ray California in November 2014, Thomas share with us the dangers of reaching higher and higher levels of success, and why the B-to-B or B-to-C business models are all wrong!

The C-Suite Network includes:
* C-Suite Conference
* C-Suite Collective
* C-Suite Academy
* C-Suite TV
* C-Suite Radio
* C-Suite Book Club
* C-Suite ExChange

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