Matt Lanfear, CEO Great Eastern Energy, Interview with Dov Baron

Dov Baron, host of Full Monty Leadership Radio, interviewed Matt Lanfear, CEO of Great Eastern Energy, during the C-Suite Network Conference in Marina del Rey about the ways in which is company is bringing awareness to energy use and its impact on organizations.

Matt Lanfear, CEO of Great Eastern Energy speaks with us on how energy providers are now having to step up and take on the responsibility of being energy educators. You may be surprised by what he says about the resources we have and what has to change.

Energy costs and stewardship for small to mid-sized businesses are hot topics of conversation today. Matt speaks about how Great Eastern Energy is taking the lead on awareness of energy use and it’s impact on both ecology and the bottom line.

Today many small businesses are turning away from their standard utility companies and looking toward alternative suppliers to assist them with both costs and energy management.

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