C-Suite TV Launches Second Original Series

C-Suite TV, an online television channel for business leaders, is launching a second original program, ‘Best Seller TV,’ beginning Sept. 9. In one-on-one interviews, business authors will provide ‘perspectives beyond the pages’ with behind-the-scenes insights, in-depth business analysis, lessons learned and personal narratives.

ABC and CBS news veteran Taryn Winter Brill and Camilla Webster, formerly of Forbes, host the show. In one-on-one interviews, business authors will provide ‘perspectives beyond the pages’ with behind-the-scenes insights, in-depth business analysis, lessons learned and personal narratives.

Among the business authors features are Daymond John (Display of Power and The Brand Within), Shep Hyken (Amaze Every Customer Every Time), and Scott McKain (7 Tenets of Taxi Terry).

Webster will host the inaugural episode of Best Seller TV, interviewing John, nationally known as the fashion mogul founder and CEO of FUBU and from his role in the ABC-TV entrepreneurial business show Shark Tank. Webster is also the best-selling co-author of The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom: A Women’s Guide to Enjoying Wealth and Power, chairman of a private investment firm, and a journalist and a former anchor for Forbes.com online video programming who has interviewed over sixty business executives.

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Big Data, Big Visuals and Gamification on MYOB: Episode Premieres Tuesday, Sept. 2

The third episode of the online business program MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) explores the impact of big visuals and big data as host Jeffrey Hayzlett interviews Garry McGuire, former CEO of RMG Networks, a global leader in intelligent visual communications.

The episode airs starting Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014 on C-Suite TV, the on-demand video network created by Hayzlett to inform and engage top-tier business executives and anyone else who aspires to join their ranks.

Viewers will learn how RMG Networks helps companies break through barriers to gain real-time access and real-time insights into big data, and how its visual displays are helping employees do their jobs more effectively through location based video networks.
“This real time access to data through big visuals is radically transforming almost any business out there,” McGuire said.

But it’s not all work and no play. RMG Networks is adding gamification to video networks played out on large screen displays, encouraging employee teams to compete against each other in efficiency and speed. Using this RMG Networks’ innovation, one company saw a productivity gain which resulted in $100 million of annual savings.

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5 Exceptional Marketing Conferences (you can still attend in 2014)

Executives searching for a top-notch network event featuring decision-makers from leading brands can attend the C-Suite Network Conference Nov. 16-18 in Marina del Rey, California. On the Ethos 3 blog, Leslie Belknap summarizes the event with the tagline, Deepen Your Success in The C-Suite.

Not all conferences are created equal. Some conferences are forgettable, while others are transformative.  At the most dynamic conferences, big things happen: industries shift, connections are made, and ground-breaking ideas are presented.

No matter where you are in your career development, attending at least one conference should be on your yearly professional to-do list. If you’re are an expert within your field, consider attending as a speaker. Presenting at a conference will keep your public speaking skills sharp, expand your network, and strengthen your credibility.  If speaking at a conference is not on your agenda, plan to attend as an audience member, and soak up all of the opportunities and insights that abound.

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Capitalizing on Data for Rapid Margin Improvement

by Rob Steinberg

Photo by Nic McPhee

Photo by Nic McPhee

CEOs invariably recognize the importance of organizing data into an easily accessible and useable format. Particularly in companies with a large number of stores, offices, facilities, projects and product lines, the ability to compare results among segments and spot cost anomalies on a weekly or even monthly basis is key to improving margin. However, developing and/or implementing a tool to provide this data on an easy, reliable and weekly basis is frustratingly difficult.

Off-the-shelf software packages are usually extremely expensive, both in cost and implementation time, and they may not deliver the information upper management wants. In-house personnel may be able to create a “snapshot” analytic tool but not one that functions like the sophisticated software solutions that can be easily updated on a long-term basis with protected base data. Often, the best alternative is to develop an easy-to-update, Excel-based analytic tool to compare performance among segments (e.g. stores, facilities, projects and products), yet is easy to update each week and maintains secure and accurate data.

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