Innovation Is Imperative: Best-Selling Author Dirk Beveridge Discusses His New Book, “Innovate!” on Best Seller TV

Top business author Dirk Beveridge joins host Taryn Winter on Best Seller TV to explain why leaders need to get out of their comfort zones and innovate. The episode can be viewed at

Best Seller TV, an online business show featuring one-on-one interviews with best-selling authors, continues to provide viewers with thought-provoking, in-depth insights into the successful business tactics, tips and personal experiences of leading business writers. In this second episode, hosted by TV personality Taryn Winter Brill, author Dirk Beveridge discusses his new book “Innovate!” and shares his ideas on why innovation is imperative in order to remain relevant in the future. The episode is scheduled to begin airing on Tuesday, September 30.

Throughout this in-depth interview, Beveridge discusses:

  • How business leaders will remain relevant in the future;
  • The meaning of transformative leadership;
  • The economic, leadership and personal perspectives of innovation;
  • The essentials of the employee base;
  • And what it takes to drive change

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