4 Things You Can Do to Brand Yourself Like a Big C-Suite Executive

Transparency, presence and leading by example are just a few key pieces of advice C-Suite Network co-founder Jeffrey Hayzlett offers to achieve the success of a C-Suite leader. He shares his top tips for knowing your brand and managing your time at Huffington Post.

Did you know that it’s harder to get a seat in the c-suite than it is to become a professional sports player? The c-suite is such an elusive club that the leaders in it seem to be elusive themselves. Even the headliners like Richard Branson and Bill Gates still have an air of elusiveness about them.

But how do those leaders making headlines (good ones, not bad ones) build their own personal brand while in the c-suite of major companies?

Leaders like Richard Branson know the company brand in such detail that they live the brand every day. By knowing their brand, they realize they are an extension of the brand. Unless you’re Lululemon, this is a positive thing for both the company and the c-suite leader.

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