Innovation Is Imperative: Best-Selling Author Dirk Beveridge Discusses His New Book, “Innovate!” on Best Seller TV

Top business author Dirk Beveridge joins host Taryn Winter on Best Seller TV to explain why leaders need to get out of their comfort zones and innovate. The episode can be viewed at

Best Seller TV, an online business show featuring one-on-one interviews with best-selling authors, continues to provide viewers with thought-provoking, in-depth insights into the successful business tactics, tips and personal experiences of leading business writers. In this second episode, hosted by TV personality Taryn Winter Brill, author Dirk Beveridge discusses his new book “Innovate!” and shares his ideas on why innovation is imperative in order to remain relevant in the future. The episode is scheduled to begin airing on Tuesday, September 30.

Throughout this in-depth interview, Beveridge discusses:

  • How business leaders will remain relevant in the future;
  • The meaning of transformative leadership;
  • The economic, leadership and personal perspectives of innovation;
  • The essentials of the employee base;
  • And what it takes to drive change

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4 Things You Can Do to Brand Yourself Like a Big C-Suite Executive

Transparency, presence and leading by example are just a few key pieces of advice C-Suite Network co-founder Jeffrey Hayzlett offers to achieve the success of a C-Suite leader. He shares his top tips for knowing your brand and managing your time at Huffington Post.

Did you know that it’s harder to get a seat in the c-suite than it is to become a professional sports player? The c-suite is such an elusive club that the leaders in it seem to be elusive themselves. Even the headliners like Richard Branson and Bill Gates still have an air of elusiveness about them.

But how do those leaders making headlines (good ones, not bad ones) build their own personal brand while in the c-suite of major companies?

Leaders like Richard Branson know the company brand in such detail that they live the brand every day. By knowing their brand, they realize they are an extension of the brand. Unless you’re Lululemon, this is a positive thing for both the company and the c-suite leader.

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One of the Biggest Challenges Facing Brands Today

by Steve Olenski


There is surely no shortage of challenges facing brands in the world today. I will not list them all, but chief among them — that is, if this particular demographic is in their target demo in the first place — is marketing, advertising and flat-out selling to millennials, or Generation Y. This group is, in fact, the largest in history with 80 million members strong in the United States alone. By the year 2015, millennials are expected to have an annual spend of nearly $2.5 trillion (that’s trillion with a T). Yet, far too many marketers are having a hard time selling to and reaching them.

Part of the reason so many are facing an uphill battle can be explained thusly:

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Intention vs. Impact

by Lewis Denbaum

Sometimes your words do not have the impact you intend. When there is a disconnect between what you intend to communicate and the impact of your words, you are not communicating clearly, and this leads to problems in both business and social relationships. In good communication, the intention and impact are the same. In miscommunication, the intention is not the same as the impact. What are the best ways to communicate with your partner so your intentions are aligned with your impact?

After you speak, you will start to pick up verbal and non-verbal clues about the impact of your message. If you intended to communicate a positive message, but your partner has a pained expression, you may have been misinterpreted. For example, a colleague of mine once told me, “Oh, you’ve been putting in a lot of hours on the ABC Company proposal.” She intended it as a compliment, and I took it that way. I smiled and replied, “Yes, I’m glad to have the opportunity to work on it.”

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3 Ways to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Business

by Willis Turner

Photo by Nan Palmero

Photo by Nan Palmero

Wow, almost every time I log into my LinkedIn account, it seems something about the site has changed! It is encouraging that the engineers behind the scenes are constantly working to enhance and upgrade their program, but it also means that it takes a few minutes to check and see if I am truly optimizing and customizing the site to suit my business strategy.

There are many ways we can use LinkedIn for our business. In a recent LinkedIn study, 50 percent of current company followers stated they are more likely to purchase products and services from a business they engage with on LinkedIn.
Below, we’ll focus on three ways we can use LinkedIn to the benefit of our companies, specifically in assisting with the sales process.

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C-Suite Conference Announces Stellar Speaker Lineup

The C-Suite Network announces a top-notch speaker lineup for its fall conference Nov 16-19 at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Ray, California. The conference will be hosted by Jeffrey Hayzlett and Rolonda Watts.

The C-Suite Network, the world’s most powerful network of C-Suite leaders, today announced who will be hosting a leading panel of speakers during the C-Suite Network Conference. Jeffrey Hayzlett, bestselling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO and Rolonda Watts, TV talk-show host and journalist, have been tapped to lead a premier lineup of experts and speakers during the second-annual conference in Marina del Rey, CA, November 16-18.

The invitation-only Conference provides an arena for exclusive C-Suite executives and the world’s most elite thought leaders (from companies with revenues more than $10 million) to candidly talk about the challenges of success in a world that’s unlike any we have experienced. It has also attracted a slew of renowned panelists that will lend their expertise to those in attendance; among them: Tony Alessandra, Randy Gage, Peter Philippi (CEO of Strategex), Tony Hunter (CEO of Chicago Tribune) and Paul Carbonne (Chief Financial Officer of Dunkin Brands), to name a few.

“We at the C-Suite Network are excited to have such a distinguished panel of speakers lined up for the conference. Their experience and expertise will no doubt help other C-Suite leaders surpass their business goals,” said Thomas White, CEO and co-founder of C-Suite Network.

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How Social Media Can Make or Break Companies Explored on C-Suite TV’s MYOB

LiveWorld’s Peter Friedman joins Jeffrey Hayzlett on stage at the C-Suite Network Conference in Dallas to discuss the best social media strategies for business. The interview was filmed for C-Suite TV’s MYOB and can be viewed at

In the latest episode of the online TV program MYOB (Mind Your Own Business), host Jeffrey Hayzlett explores how social media can make or break a business in an interview with social media pioneer Peter Friedman. A former vice-president of Apple’s Internet Services Division, Friedman is the Chairman and CEO of the social content marketing agency LiveWorld, which includes Walmart, Pfizer, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson and Wells Fargo on its impressive client roster. The episode airs starting Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014 on C-Suite TV, the on-demand video network created by Hayzlett to inform and engage top-tier business executives and anyone else who aspires to join their ranks.

Friedman is a noted public speaker, writer and photographer who recently underscored his social media thought-leadership status with the publication of his book, The CMO’s Social Media Handbook.

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An Executive’s Guide to Leading Social Media Marketing Across the Organization

By Peter Friedman


Last year, I went down to Miami for an annual summit of global chief marketing officers. Working with these CMOs — and aspiring CMOs —  I was impressed. They all believed in the value of social media to create long-term, engaged relationships with customers and produce a rich value chain: real-time marketing and insight; higher-quality yet lower-cost customer service and support; and long-term revenue growth. Ten, even five years ago, such a group of senior marketing executives would not have looked at the world this way — despite the fact that talking with customers to build relationships (the essence of social media marketing) has been a tool for commerce since the days of the medieval marketplace.

I also heard these CMOs’ frustration in trying to plan and implement social strategy in companies where the business culture wasn’t quite there yet. They wanted to strategize about and execute social media — essentially a relationship marketing effort — in an environment focused on short-term impulse campaigns. Finally, they felt challenged to define key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure social media, let alone reach an ROI.

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The 7 Disciplines of a Successful Leader

by Mark Sanborn

Fellow professional speaker Scott Ginsberg once asked me, “What do you do each day to assure your ongoing success?” I thought it was one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked.
For more than 25 years, I’ve considered what activities have given me the biggest payback on my investment of time and expertise as a leader. The biggest challenge of leadership isn’t being successful; it is being successful over the long run. Longevity trumps the temporary, and it requires daily disciplines.

At different times in your business, there will be different things you need to do, but these seven activities — when done daily — will stack the odds in your favor for long-term success.

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C-Suite Network Launches Premier Online Learning Platform for C-Level Business Development

The C-Suite Academy, and interactive learning environment for C-level leaders and their teams, launches with courses taught by world-class experts and thought leaders. C-Suite leaders can sign up at

The C-Suite Network, the world’s most powerful network of C-Suite leaders, today announced the launch of C-Suite Academy, the premier interactive, online learning platform for C-Level executives.

“We are committed to helping organizations be more successful in all aspects of their business by providing continuous online learning opportunities to support the success of C-Level executives, their teams and their organizations,” said Thomas White, CEO and co-founder of C-Suite Network. “We’ve created a strong lineup of online educational programs from top thought leaders in the industry with topics ranging from leadership, customer service, personal development, diversity and Inclusion, and beyond.”

The C-Suite Academy brings the very best practices, education and content from a lineup of over 20 industry leaders and experts including Dr. Tony Allesandra, Bob Urichuck, Grant Cardone, Glenn Llopis, Blair Singer, Tom Hopkins, Shep Hyken, Jeffrey Gitomer, Dave Anderson, Patricia Fripp — with many more to come.

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