Why Email Marketing Is Vital To A Brand’s Health

by Steve Olenski


Just a few weeks ago I wrote an article entitled As If They Need It, Another Reason Brands Need To Be Mobile which essentially spelled out the fact that the most powerful brand ambassadors in the world, moms – are a very mobile demographic and if marketing & advertising folks want to succeed, they better be mobile as well. Literally. In fact, one of the things I used to make my point was this chart, courtesy of eMarketer, that spells out what the activities moms most like to do via their smartphone. Pay attention to the first two. Then hold that thought.

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Data-Driven Marketing | Step Three: Untangle the Data Hairball

by Lisa Arthur


Previously, I’ve blogged about how to create a strategic plan for data-driven marketing and how marketers can tear down the silos that prevent change. I’m now ready to share my third step to data-driven marketing covered in more detail in my “Big Data Marketing” book – untangle the data hairball! First you might be asking, “What exactly is a big data hairball?”

I use the term “hairball” as a metaphor to define a complicated jumble of interactions, applications, data and processes that can easily accumulate in a company without proper sources and methods for handling big data. It’s different than the “data deluge” or the “sea of data” — other terms you might have heard before — because the data hairball would be the shoreline after a tsunami, prior to reconstruction.

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How to Develop Leaders at Every Level

by Mark Sanborn

Photo courtesy of the city of Marietta

Phillip of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great, said, “An army of deer led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lion led by a deer.” That may be true, but I’ve come to believe that Phillip missed the bigger point: An army of lions led by a lion is to be feared most of all, for it is unstoppable.

Having strong leadership at the top is good; having effective leadership at every level in your organization is better.

What about where you work? Do you have an army of lions — leaders at every level?
At any Toyota plant, every employee on the line has the authority and responsibility to shut down the line at any time they feel necessary. Quality control and problem solving aren’t left to the titled managers. A woman who spots a problem is expected to lead by calling attention to it rather than allowing it to slip through and become an imperfection on a dealer’s lot or owner’s driveway. Employees are expected to take responsibility.

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Content Marketing ROI: Part 3 | Qualitative Indicators Your Content Marketing Works

by Hana Abaza

via Getty Images

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I’m a self-professed numbers geek. But there’s something to be said for the qualitative measures of content marketing performance. Increasing the overall awareness of your brand by providing a great content marketing experience can go a long way toward impacting some of your other metrics and raising the profile of your company and your team. Good content can also be used as a platform for additional exposure through media and PR efforts, that can also boost awareness.

Feedback can come in a quantitative form (consider this: every time someone shares your content it can often be considered an endorsement of you and your company) and in qualitative ways. Listen to the comments, emails and social media communications to see what people think about your content. This is a great place to gauge whether or not they like what you’re putting out there and get additional topic ideas that will hit home.

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How to Become a Thought Leader

by Mitch Joel – President, Twist Image & author of “Six Pixels of Separation”


You are one if someone reputable says you are one.

That is the short and simple answer to what is a very complex thing to define. If Anderson Cooper describes you as a “marketing thought leader” prior to interviewing you on air, you can run with that title. Personally, I would have never defined myself as “the rock star of digital marketing,” but when Marketing Magazine called me that, I ran with it as well. Harder than defining what, exactly, a thought leader is would be an attempt to explain how to become one. Mashable published a very interesting piece on the topic (which you can read here: How To Become A Thought Leader). It got me thinking about how often we toss that phrase around, how few individuals actually are thought leaders and how easy it is to simply self-anoint oneself as a thought leader.

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