The Holy Grail of Marketing: Building Relationships in the C-Suite

One of the most crucial elements of business is the relationship, says Jeffrey Hayzlett. The C-Suite Network provides the chance for C-Level executives to connect and support their peers, as well as the opportunity for marketers to have access to C-level execs at conferences and the exclusive online network.

One of the most crucial elements of business is the relationship. Without relationships, business simply doesn’t get done. And no one knows the importance of relationships better than executives. Most of them don’t get to that level without developing strong relationships with team members, customers and partners.

In interviewing executives for the C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett, I was reminded how tough it is to get to the C-Suite. Most people don’t realize this significant fact: It’s easier to become a professional athlete than it is to get a seat at the C-Suite table.

C-Suite executives are constantly faced with evolving challenges. Yet, because they’re so on-the-go they have very few opportunities to meet, discuss and solve issues with other C-level execs.

In response to that need, we created a new kind of forum: The C-Suite Network. This unique network connects executives with their peers. The members have a forum to discuss issues, educate each other and in turn help enhance each other’s profitability and success. The content and business intelligence are tailored for the C-Suite.

Mark my words: The C-Suite Network will be the largest network of C-level leaders and executives.

Powerful? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. This is how we are doing it.

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