Leadership, Relevance and Loyalty: An Interview with Dov Baron and Mark Sanborn

At the premier C-Suite Network Conference, Dov Baron interviews keynote speaker and leadership expert Mark Sanborn. In this video podcast, the two share an intimate conversation about relevancy as a leader and the true meaning of culture.

An intimate conversation with top leadership speaker and multiple bestselling author, Mark Sanborn at Jeffrey Hayzlett’s C-Suite Network Event. 
Mark shares with us what it takes for you to stay at the top of your game…to stay relevant.

We also discus how to assess the “true” culture of your organization. Find out what’s really going on with your people. 
And why as a leader the last thing you want is followers! Great interview from Jeffrey Hayzlett’s C-Suite 2014 Networking Event!
Packed with insights, tips and clear direction.

Watch the full interview at Podomatic