Jeffrey Hayzlett on the For Immediate Release Podcast Network

Mitchell Levy and and Michael Procopio mark their sixth month on air by featuring one of the show’s most popular guests so far, Jeffrey Hayzlett. Hayzlett discusses the C-Suite Network, which he describes as “LinkedIn on steroids.”

Joking about being upset that he is the 26th, rather than the first, #ThoughtLeader to be interviewed on the show, Jeffrey takes comfort knowing that he is in fact Thought Leader Life’s half-year inaugural guest, as pointed out by Mitchell.

Many years ago, Jeffrey introduced the word “activate” to Mitchell who later on made it a ‘buzz’ word in #ThoughtLeadership. In the interview, Jeffrey discusses what activate means and why he thinks an expert or an author should be activated to really be a #ThoughtLeader. It’s not enough that you publish a book or get your thoughts out there; people should buy it, talk about it and move or take action because of it. Quoting his own public relations firm’s adage: “If you’re going to roll with the big dogs, you got to learn to pee in the tall grass” (, Jeffrey says the key is to activate a thought-provoking conversation among individuals and communities with your content.

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