C-Suite Network Announces Network Community for C-Suite Leaders at Inaugural Network Conference

The C-Suite Network Community is a private online forum for business leaders to discuss best business practices, industry news and offer support to their peers. Powered by Jive Software’s industry-leading JiveX customer community platform and supported by JCS Consulting, the online network, the community offers a personalized dashboard for C-Suite leaders.

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Why Your Conversational IQ Matters and How to Boost Your Score

Confidence and good decision-making have always been prized in the workplace. Having stellar conversation skills, not so much. Entrepreneur Magazine sat down with speaker Judith Glaser at the C-Suite Network conference in Dallas, Texas, to get the rundown on why conversational IQ matters.

Confidence and good decision-making have always been prized in the workplace. Having stellar conversation skills, not so much.

For most of her 30-year career, executive coach and Benchmark Communications CEO Judith Glaser says having “conversation intelligence” was considered a lesser priority for leaders. It was a skill employers saw as too girly, too emotional, too unreliable and too detached from quantifiable results.

That attitude, she says, is finally shifting in a big way. Thanks to developments in neuroscience and new approaches to evaluating effective leadership, employers are realizing that conversations matter. A lot.

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The Power of Principles

by Willis Turner


Increased scrutiny of corporate actions in today’s business climate puts pressure on all facets of corporate structure to adhere to ethical business practices founded on principles that are honest, fair and transparent to the stakeholders. The sales and marketing profession is a driving force in our economy and should not be left untouched when scrutinizing ethical issues. A society where the consumer is confident of honest trade is one that will prosper.

While some would fear that the sales and marketing department would be the last place to go looking for ethical guideposts, we could venture that this should be the first place to build a culture with values. These values create a climate for sound business decision making and the practice of ethical behavior. The public face of corporations is often painted by brand identity, marketing messages delivered via various media and the sales representatives who deal directly with the buying public. With an aligned, sound code of ethics for marketing, sales and customer service, organizations would theoretically build consumer confidence and shareholder value.

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Should Your Brand Respond to Negative Comments on Social Media?

by Peter Friedman


Every brand experiences negative attention on social media at some point. Many panic and overreact when criticism shows up on their sites. They try to hide it, or they respond defensively and end up adding fuel to the fire. Transparency and authenticity in social media is a must to build customer trust. This means embracing criticism and managing it. You can’t control your customers, and you wouldn’t want to — you need their unvarnished opinions to serve them better. You definitely can’t control your enemies. All you can control is your reaction when trouble hits. So take a deep breath when negative comments strike, and consider these factors before posting a response from the brand:

Could a response reset the conversation?
Usually we see these opportunities when there is gross misinformation, or there is an actual customer with a problem that can be solved. In a case of cut-and-dried misinformation, reach out calmly and politely to correct errors of fact. If a customer has a specific issue, reach out directly, if possible. Listen carefully to their issue, and find a way to help. Once you’ve clarified a point, don’t beat it to death. If you fill up your page repeating your position, it will antagonize both your friendly customers and the critics.
If there’s a lot of information involved, or the story just keeps going, set up a separate webpage with the correct information, and point people there so normal conversation can continue.

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