Addicted to Being Right

by Judith Glaser


I’m sure it’s happened to you: You’re in a tense team meeting trying to defend your position on a big project, and you start to feel yourself losing ground. Your voice gets louder. You talk over one of your colleagues and correct his point of view. He pushes back, so you go into overdrive to convince everyone you’re right. It feels like an out-of-body experience — and in many ways, it is.  In terms of its neurochemistry, your brain has been hijacked.

In situations of high stress, fear or distrust, the hormone and neurotransmitter cortisol floods the brain. Executive functions that help us with advanced thought processes — like strategy, trust building and compassion — shut down. And the amygdala, our instinctive brain, takes over. The body makes a chemical choice about how best to protect itself — in this case from the shame and loss of power associated with being wrong — and as a result is unable to regulate its emotions or handle the gaps between expectations and reality.
So we default to one of four responses:

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Why Your Leaders Aren’t Meeting Deadlines

By Emily Capito, LCSW, MBA

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Tired of hearing excuses in your leadership and management meetings? Juggling a leadership role with day-to-day tasks, plus varying projects, can present a challenge for even the most organized. Prevent your senior talent from coming to a grinding halt with some early intervention and effective role modeling. Consider some of the most common ailments below, diagnose the root problem, and empower your leaders to work in their strengths at full speed again.

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C-Suite Network Conference Announces Additional Panel Speakers

The C-Suite Network announces key panelists that specialize in professional development for the upcoming C-Suite Network Conference on May 4-6, 2014. These speakers include Phil Molyneux, Judith Glaser, Jill Hampton and Alessa Quane.

The C-Suite Network, a powerful alliance and peer network exclusively reserved for C-Suite members, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, host of the Bloomberg show The C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett, today announced key panelists that specialize in professional development for the upcoming C-Suite Network Conference on May 4-6, 2014.

Phil Molyneux, Chairman on the Sony Corporation of America Board, enlightens the attendees on how to get the most out of their Board of Directors to drive business growth to the next level. His leadership motivates existing teams and mature businesses to achieve maximum potential.

Judith Glaser, CEO of Benchmark Communications, educates business leaders on how to elevate levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation. Discussing her groundbreaking work on Conversational Intelligence, she provides a roadmap for co-creating partnerships.

Jill Hampton, Senior Vice President of Bombardier Transportation, coaches leaders on how to trigger conversational intelligence methods hardwired into every leader to change their conversations, change their business and change their lives.

Alessa Quane, Chief Risk Officer of AIG Property Casualty, discusses how she used effective communication within her company and the importance of learning new and effective powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success.

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Organizational Excellence: Does the Culture Support the Mission?

by Christy M. Pruitt-Haynes


I think you would agree that excellence is the goal for most individuals and organizations, but moving toward it is often a lengthy process full of ups and downs. While there may not be a one size fits all” path to excellence, there are five traits excellent organizations share. Once you implement these traits, your company will be well on its way to being an Excellent Organization!

We discussed the importance of having a well-defined, accurately communicated, and universally accepted mission statement, but every now and then you’ll find some employees who know the mission but act in direct opposition to it. Why would they do that?
It’s simple: If the organization’s recognition and reward systems don’t match its stated mission, employees will lean toward the behaviors that are rewarded (the culture), as opposed to the desired behaviors the mission would suggest.

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6 Ways to Increase Online Sales with Social Proof

by Steve Olenski

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Those of us in the marketing and advertising space just love when we can append a catchy name to a given subject matter. Such is the case with the term “social proof.” And like thousands of other words and phrases, it has many definitions including, “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation.” However, in our world of marketing and advertising, it means something completely different. According to Aileen Lee, partner at venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, “In the age of the social web, social proof is the new marketing.”

Basically, if someone else has done it or used it, and talked about it online, that’s social proof. As a B2B or B2C company, how do you go about getting people to talk about you or your product? And, more importantly, what do you do with that social proof once you get it?

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How I Reinvented Myself… and You Can Too

by Micheal Burt

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One of the biggest questions I get around the country is “How can I reinvent myself?” People tell me they are stuck in a dead-end job and know they’re supposed to be on another bus in life that marries their time, talents and passions. It also frees them up to play in their unique genius area and get paid what they are truly worth. In 2008, I was a high school PE teacher and basketball coach (and a lousy PE teacher by the way). I had a set salary and a job I really liked, but I knew I had more potential and talent in the tank I needed to cash in on. I believe people don’t have a talent problem; many times, they have a confidence problem. 

Life is too short to think small. Life is too short to waste away your talents. John Maxwell once said, “God’s gift to you is potential. Your gift back to God is using it.” Don’t die with your music still playing in you.

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Passion Has Zero Value

by Larry Winget

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Passion has no value. I’ve lost some of you already, haven’t I? You want to argue with me before you even know what I’m going to say. You want to tell me you are passionate about what you do. Good for you. I don’t care. No one else does either. Your passion is of no value to me. It has no value to your customers either. As my friend Joe Calloway, author of “Becoming A Category Of One,” says, “To the customer, passion is an invisible word.”  I totally agree.

The dictionary defines passion as a “strong and barely controllable emotion.” Tell me the role that plays in getting the job done. None. Passion is just a word we use when we are trying to convince people we really care about what we do. People love saying they are passionate about their jobs. We love hearing that the people we do business with are passionate about what they do because we think we will get a better product or service. Total BS. Passion has no value and is a word that ultimately means nothing.

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C-Suite Network Conference Expands Keynote Lineup

The C-Suite Network adds Elisa Steele, Julie Roehm, Myron Watkins, Nada Stirrat and Peter Friedman to the list of keynote speakers at the Fairmont Dallas May 4-6. The C-Suite Network Conference will include more than 20 presentations spanning two days.

The C-Suite Network, a powerful alliance and peer network exclusively reserved for C-Suite members, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, host of the Bloomberg show The C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett, today announced an extended lineup of keynote speakers, company spotlights and panelists for the C-Suite Network Conference, taking place from May 4-6, 2014, at The Fairmont Dallas.

With over twenty presentations spanning two days, the C-Suite Network Conference will connect attendees with industry experts sharing intelligence and technology from years of experience. The Conference’s twelve keynote sessions and panels offer a glimpse into the evolving business landscape.

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