How To Run The Best Day Possible

by Mitch Joel – President, Twist Image & author of “Six Pixels of Separation”

How much of your business day is spent focused on the things that really matter?

Almost a decade ago, I came across the thinking of Dan Sullivan (also known as The Strategic Coach). Those who know the infamous Strategic Coach Program speak about it with a reverence unlike any other type of mastermind-like initiative that I have come across. I have friends (who are successful beyond most of our wildest imaginations) who attribute their success directly to their involvement in Sullivan’s program. While I never took the formal course, I have devoured countless hours of audio programs and books from The Strategic Coach. One concept, Unique Ability, is something I still think about frequently.

In the formative days of Twist Image, I spent a good deal of time attempting to self-define my own unique abilities, and, in doing so, ensuring that I was aligned with people (either business partners, team members or clients) who had their own sets of unique abilities that I lacked. In its simplest form, I wanted to ensure I could spend my time working on my unique abilities while others were spending their time doing the same thing. Of course, it’s not perfect, and we all find ourselves doing tasks and projects that we have to trudge through. Consciously knowing when you’re doing the work that you were meant to do (or not doing it) is core to better understanding if you are running your best day possible, rather than having the day run you.

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Monetize The Love

by Micheal Burt

monetize the love

I meet lots of really smart people who tell me their No. 1 strategy for acquiring new business is referrals. I don’t disagree. This can be the cheapest and fastest way to earn more clients, so I usually ask a simple question: How many of your current clients or advocates are actually referring you and driving business in the door?
Then we run into a roadblock: They don’t know what their referral percentage is or exactly how many new leads per week they are getting from all the LOVE they supposedly have from their promoters and best clients. This has got to become quantifiable.

Monetizing the love is a strategy to take the enormous amounts of positive mojo you’re getting from your following and turning it into new ideas, new momentum and new money.
Here are four things you can do to monetize the love you’re getting from your expertise:

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Managing a Meeting Effectively and Efficiently

by Mitchell Levy

managing a meeting

Meetings are great opportunities for you to share your thought leadership with people you work with. They provide ample opportunity for you to express your knowledge and expertise with your boss, colleagues and peers. Specifically, you can share thoughts and ideas about the field/industry you’re in (and want to be a thought leader in) and receive inspiration for new ideas. Since meetings inevitably have to happen for organizations to run smoothly, running them effectively can offer more opportunities than you think.

At THiNKaha, Inc., we have a weekly team meeting and bi-weekly 1×1 meetings with all of the team members. Since we are a virtual company and our team members are scattered around the globe, “meeting” on a regular basis is an absolute must. I’ve led and participated in many meetings throughout my career, and there are some simple tips I’ve learned on managing meetings effectively and efficiently.
(See the list of links at the end of this post for virtual meeting tools you can use.)

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C-Suite Network Conference Presents a Series of Keynotes, Panels and Technology Exclusively Targeted at C-Suite Leaders

The C-Suite Network announces a series of keynotes, panel topics and technology exclusively geared towards C-Suite executives for the upcoming C-Suite Network Conference on May 4-6, 2014. From social media to crowd sourcing and disruptive innovations, attendees will be given the knowledge and tools to return to the office with a competitive edge.

The C-Suite Network, a powerful alliance and peer network exclusively reserved for C-Suite members, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, host of the Bloomberg show The C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett, today announced a series of keynotes, panel topics and technology exclusively geared towards C-Suite executives for the upcoming C-Suite Network Conference on May 4-6, 2014.

Bringing the excitement of primetime television to 500 C-Suite leaders in Dallas, the event is being held at the Fairmont Dallas. The conference begins with an in-depth interview and discussion with a successful C-Suite team that has grown to become the leader in their industry. The day moves into high gear with keynotes and panel presentations on today’s business issues. From social media to crowd sourcing and disruptive innovations, attendees will be given the knowledge and tools to return to the office with a competitive edge.

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The Branding of Your Own Business

by Steve Olenski


It’s been a part of the American dream, since the days of Benjamin Franklin’s printing business, to own and operate your own business. Nearly quarter-of-a-million Americans take the plunge each year, writing out their business strategies and getting the seed money and/or loans for their startup secured.

How much thought have you given to your branding options? Do you have a logo in place already? The communication function of brand managing, especially now in the age of social media, can be tricky if you don’t have professional help and advice.

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VoiceAmerica Business – The Bob Pritchard Show

The only person who can really put you out of business is the customer, yet so few entrepreneurs actually listen to their customers. Thomas White speaks with Bob Pritchard about leadership skills. CEO is a lonely job, which is why it’s so important to build a network of business leaders. Speaking to peers allows you to gain fresh perspective and quickly resolve issues related to the industry.

95 percent of all businesses fail within 10 years. Most small to medium businesses struggle to make wages. Bob Pritchard is a highly regarded expert with a track record of identifying the issues facing businesses and determining simple solutions to make them highly profitable.

Despite the glitz and glamor, Entertainment operates in the same way as any other business and as we live in a Celebrity obsessed society, people will enjoy this segment. Some of the best Business and marketing screw ups illustrate in a funny and impactful way some of the pitfalls that can be encountered in business, what went wrong and why.

Every business discipline from leadership to corporate culture, marketing to customer service, seeking investment to using social media, sponsorship, hospitality and many others. Straight talking, nothing is off the table and nothing is taboo. The Bob Pritchard Show is broadcast live every Tuesday at 5 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

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