5 Ways to Bring Out Your Inner ‘Intrapreneur’

by Emily Capito LCSW, MBA


I always imagined that once I reached the C-suite, I would be free to focus on the bigger picture. Sadly, the C-suite is not a rooftop loft with inspiring views and glass walls where we hatch innovative ideas and brilliant plans with scented dry-erase markers. The reality, for many executives, is a never-ending load of administrative oversight with a fairly constant interruption of “not my job” problems that land on your desk as the last stop.

After all the daily organizational maintenance, how do you ensure you stay ahead of the curve — or, better yet, pave the way in your industry with new and better solutions? Whether you’re naturally entrepreneurial — and your inner innovator has simply been stunted by the mundane — or you’re a traditional administrator needing to solve entrenched problems, you can quickly incorporate inventive thinking into your daily repertoire with a few interventions.

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Performance Management For Product Life Management

by Natalie LaFontaine

performance management

What if performance management wasn’t driven by sales? What would be your next measurable result indicator — Effective product development? A product’s lifespan? What if it had less to do with the phases of production and everything to do with how a company builds its skill set to orchestrate, communicate and manage development?

With an end goal of building capacity, what conversations are necessary to better navigate the direction of your organization? The answer, quite simply, is this: Performance management accountability will help you be better equipped to inspire rather than struggle.

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Why Your Job Offer is Taking Forever

by David Martin


C-Suite executives are used to getting what they want. Thus, it’s not unusual for them to get frustrated when they interview and negotiate for a role in a new firm. That’s often when my phone rings.

Although I’m not a recruiter, I often play a trusted adviser role with senior executives. Who else can they talk to who is in a neutral, but knowledgeable, position to strategize within the midst of a prolonged interview process? While each person calls for different reasons, almost universally they complain about how much longer the process is taking than they were told it would. They often conclude that the hiring company is completely inept or the people who work there don’t tell the truth.

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Leadership Skills For Life or How To Ask Better Questions

by Mitch Joel — President, Twist Image & author of “Six Pixels of Separation”


Do you truly understand the things that are being said to you at your work?

This is a true story: I am often sitting in meetings with very senior marketing professionals who are either presenting or speaking to a group, and they’re saying things that I simply do not understand. I mean, the words are in English and they form grammatically sound sentences, but the concepts are just not connecting in my mind. I’m lucky. One of my business partners at Twist Image is also someone I consider to be a personal mentor. He spent tireless years before becoming one of my business partners growing one of the largest advertising businesses in the country.

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Bert Martinez Speaks With Dr. Greenberg, Thomas White and Guests

Thomas White joins Bert Martinez to discuss the biggest fear inside the C-Suite: failure. Success comes from making mistakes and getting support to overcome them. There is no great success without taking risks, learning from failures. White also discusses why the C-Suite should embrace social media and recognize it as a powerful tool for listening to customer feedback, observing competitors and engaging with their audience.

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Why Do People Love to Hate Those Out Front?

by Micheal Burt

courtesy of Getty Images

I spent a decade as a head women’s basketball coach, leading what would become one of the top basketball programs in the Southeast — and now in the country. Our staff and players worked tirelessly year in and year out with little-to-no sleep, weekends and weekdays, early mornings and late nights, all in pursuit of winning championships and building people. I loved almost every minute of it.

If only I could have spent the majority of my time doing what I truly loved, which was player development, strategy, bigger thinking and building a program. But I couldn’t. As a head coach, I spent most of my time deflecting the negativity of everyone and everything that would stand in the way of accomplishment. From parents who wanted to see their child play more, to teachers who hated sports, to other coaches who just wanted more spotlight, to administrators who wanted control, and on and on and on.

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Habits That Kill Innovation

by Rik Walters


Innovation is a key growth driver in today’s business environment, yet building innovation organizational skills has become an issue for the enterprise. Even the best intentions go awry when improper habits are in place behind good ideas. The very habits that can enable your organization to prosper can also be the characteristics that stifle the introduction of new and innovative ideas. This applies directly to businesses that still insist on control, predictability and continuity over innovation and creativity.

In today’s marketplace, innovation that is small-scale (changing cost-structures, logistics or customer service) won’t result in scalable growthThe only way to unleash creativity within your organization is to develop an innovation environment through habits that create, not kill, innovation.

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Why Customer Service Is The Life Or Death Of Your Company

by Steve Olenski

customer service

From time to time I will try and use non-marketing metaphors/real life examples to help make a point. From What Schoolhouse Rock And Integration Have In Common to Baby, We Were Born to Market: Springsteen on Social Media Marketing, I love juxtaposing things that otherwise have nothing to do with marketing, advertising and branding onto that world, all to help make a point and get a message across.

Such is the case today with the subject of customer service – a topic that is very near and dear to my heart, having worked for 10 years in the retail world. I know full well the value of customer service and the effect it can have, both positively and negatively, on a given brand.

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Finding Your Business’ Niche Market

by Herb Mitschele

Herb Mitschele

When our media technology startup, Shodogg, launched in November 2011, we had unbelievable support from investors, advisors and media executives. Our patented technology allows people to access digital content from both local servers and the cloud on their mobile device, and instantly cast that content to any web-enabled screen in the world regardless of brand, operating system, network or location.

“Perfect for the living room,” we thought, “And for enterprise businesses, education, healthcare, gaming, government…” you get the picture. We were blessed and cursed with such a versatile technology, that we were standing before a maze of opportunity without a clear direction.

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The C-Suite Network Announces Conference Exclusive to the C-Suite

The C-Suite Network announces the debut of The C-Suite Network Conference. Taking place May 4-6, 2014 at the Fairmont Dallas, this two-day event is the premier peer-to-peer event for leaders across the C-Suite addressing the most pressing business issues. The agenda features keynotes from top thought leaders and panels lead by executives from companies such as Acxiom, Bell & Howell, General Electric, SAP and Texas Capital Partners.

The C-Suite Network, a powerful alliance and peer network exclusively reserved for C-Suite members, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, host of the Bloomberg show The C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett, today announce the debut of The C-Suite Network Conference. Taking place May 4-6, 2014 at the Fairmont Dallas, this two-day event is the premier peer-to-peer event for leaders across the C-Suite addressing the most pressing business issues including:

  • Maintaining your competitive edge — as a leader and as a business
  • Crowdsourcing and the competitive landscape
  • The changing world of customer service
  • The art of corporate storytelling
  • Shifting the corporate mindset
  • Sales 3.0 — authentic selling in a transparent world

The agenda features keynotes from top thought leaders such as Mark Sanborn, Sally Hogshead, and Gary Vaynerchuk, and panels lead by executives from companies such as Acxiom, Bell & Howell, General Electric, SAP and Texas Capital Partners.

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