The Five Biggest Leadership Mistakes I’ve Made and Why I’m Better Off Because of Them


CEOs often fear making mistakes, but fear limits potential and has broad implications on a business. Our CEO, Thomas White, lists his top five leadership mistakes and says fear of erring is at the root of them. He also shares advice for CEOs to become more authentic by overcoming their fears, acknowledge their mistakes and practicing gratitude.

One of the greatest fears in the American workplace I see as both a CEO and corporate advisor is the fear of making a mistake. This fear takes many forms. From as simple as blaming others when things go wrong to as onerous as hiding bad news from shareholders, this fear limits our potential and has broad implications for business and society.

Fear of erring is at the root of my greatest leadership mistakes. The good news is that when I remember that mistakes are simply the lessons along the way to gaining my PhD in pragmatic leadership, I can breath a bit easier and let go of the knot in the pit of my stomach. While I’m a bit embarrassed to reveal these mistakes, it’s also cathartic to let the cat of the bag.

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