Social Media Marketing — Starting at ZERO

by Roman Weishäupl


Imagine you are heading a startup, and your product is almost ready to launch. What you have is a new company with a new product coming out — and a start at zero! You don’t have any search ranking, no users, no fans, basically no audience and nothing to grow out. Yes, there is a tiny little base: You have engaged potential users in interviews to define the market, problem and solution; you have gotten some interest with a landing page and, of course, the network the founders bring on board. If you are lucky, you have a round of 1,000 people you can contact. However, your mom, your former colleagues and friends are most likely not your starting target group. You find yourself, at max, 100 people that will be using your product at the start.

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How Big Data Can Help CMOs’ Budgeting Process

by Jeff Winsper

big data in marketing
According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, more than 1 trillion dollars are spent globally on advertising alone. This does not account for any human capital or other media channels. From all the research conducted, at best, 50 percent of CMOs claim they can measure their ROI.*

According to Bill Zengel at the Association of National Advertisers, accountability has been the No. 1 issue facing CMOs for the 7th year in a row. If CMOs want to be held accountable, and yet are challenged to measure and monitor their marketing investments, perhaps it’s time to start the journey so there is a livelihood destination.

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Deliver a One-Two Punch with Audio Branding

by Colleen Fahey

audio branding

Are you fighting in the brand marketplace with one hand tied behind your back? If you’re only using visual branding, you certainly are. Sure, graphics are your well-practiced right hand when it comes to creating recognition and conveying meaning. But if you’re not managing your audio identity, you’re missing the exponential power of a one-two punch.

Audio branding gives you a powerful, meaningful and emotional tool to strengthen your brand equity. Yet, most U.S. marketers act as if they’re still relying on print media — and we know they’re not.

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