C-Suite Battleship Offers

Delta Payment Solutions

At no cost, Delta Payment Solutions will analyze your current credit card processing accounts, provide a detailed explanation of your current situation, and identify areas where you can improve your processing rates. We will also delve into your business (via your web site and other information you can provide) to suggest other eCommerce and financial services products that could help you immediately.



Clickedin can get you the MAXIMUM amount of connections LinkedIn allows per month, (2700) and this number resets every 30 days. And these aren’t just random connections, these are your exact target audience, people that you want to do business with and who need your services. Sign up today for a 14 day trial.



The only stock trading software of its kind to use algorithmic intelligence to buy, sell, and hold for you – daily. Invest to maximize returns.


Wise Up! At Work

Wise Up! At Work reveals guiding ideas to help you manage with calm, navigate obstacles, and lead the way. Real-life executives, CEOs, and managers share their stories in how they used wisdom to improve their work, motivate their employees, and elevate their workplaces. The practices here do not require moving to a mountaintop, they’re as practical as video conferencing, and they’re based in the real world of business and work.


A 45-minute laser coaching session with Master CEO & CIO Coach Steve Lishansky

One no-charge session available, for up to five CEO’s and CIO’s. Your 45-minute laser coaching session can be on any issue related to leadership effectiveness, decision-making, scenario planning, strategy, aligning your organization, team performance, or addressing the “new normal.”

To secure your session, contact Info@OptimizeIntl.com or phone Steve’s Executive Assistant Jennifer at 603-231-7959.


Mini Buk by Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

Would you like to discover how you can negotiate better and read body language? If you answered is (and of course you do – that’s how you’ll get more of what you want in life), download this free Mini Buk by Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert. You’ll find links and QR Codes in the book that’ll give you insight that’ll allow you to become a better negotiator. And, the QR Codes will take you to videos that provide more valuable information about reading body language and signals to observe.

This Mini Buk is a must-have for anyone that seeks more of everything in life. Is that you?


Digital version of the book The Ultimate Sales Revolution: Sell Differently, Change the World

This #1 Best Seller gives you insight into how to better communicate, influence, and build relationships that deliver the ultimate in sales success – Becoming an Indispensable Partner. Based on teaching leaders how to sell the biggest intangibles of all – Vision, Mission and Goals – it gives you the blueprint of principles and practices to master selling anything and influencing anyone more effectively.
Available as a PDF, Apple or Kindle version. Specify which you wish to receive by sending an email to Info@OptimizeIntl.com.


Radical Value: Elevate Your Company—And Career—by Unleashing the Power Inside Customer Centricity

Radical Value quiets all of the noise around sales performance and marketing; it brings organizations back to why customers decide what they do: customer-perceived value. This approach is radical in its simplicity, but calls for radical changes in how most companies relate with their customers…and price their products and services for maximum growth and profits.