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We The People Vote But Does It Count?

What happened to our voting system? It used to be that we, the people voted by mailing in our votes before the actual voting day, early vote, or vote at the polls the day of. Sitting in front of our televisions we found out the results of the election that night or early the next morning. No longer do we have a voting day. It is now a voting week or more. We the people voted, but did it count?

This year after the polls closed, the outcome of several positions including The President of the United States is still unknown. We have more technology connected to voting than ever before, yet we did not receive the results faster than when they were hand-counted.

Mail-in Votes

One of the problems causing the delay is allowing mail-in votes after election day. An excuse we are given is that the US Post Office has trouble getting the mailed votes in on time. Though, not an issue in the last decade, somehow it is now. Is it actually a Post Office problem?

A mail-in ballot is available to those who choose this way to cast their votes, by requesting to receive one. People fill out the ballot and mail it in. Obviously, we all know that in election years the official voting day is the first Tuesday in November. We want to be counted so why would anyone wait.

Unnecessarily, we wait for the results. In the past, we required to have the votes in on or by election day. Why we extended this deadline does not compute. Except for this year because of COVID-19, we all know that our taxes are due by April 15th. The IRS is firm on their rulings, so we do not miss the deadline. Why isn’t voting the same way?

Yet, this year we extended our absentee ballot due date. With all this technology we cannot get the votes in on time and counted efficiently. Surely, the voters want their ballot counted so their motivation is to send them in on or before time.

Instead, as the votes are counted, we observe data dumps in which candidate results are flipped. We also notice a number of votes for candidates disappearing during the counting delays. This is not about late absentee ballots coming in. It is about extending the date for accepting ballots, opening up the possibility of adjusting the results. The extra time allows for higher accessibility for tampering to occur.

The People Wait

The delay in getting the election results in itself, creates a problem, the waiting. While Americans are watching the process with no outcome, frustration and insecurity build as we wonder if our votes are counted correctly. We sit and stew, hearing different excuses for what is going on, realizing that our voting system is broken and our voices are not being heard.

In several close races like The President of the United States, results are still not available. That is disturbing. We watch as the process is manipulated, become aware of suspicious count movements, and observe scenes of legal counting procedures not being followed. What does that tell us about the current system?

The People’s Vote

Voting results so far reveal that Americans are split. We as a nation are divided, a major red flag. There is so much discord in our government it has severed the people instead of bringing us together. Again, the dinosaurs in our government are interested in getting their way instead of helping its people.

Is it time to address term limits, pulling out of office those who work around the system, to fight for themselves? The people will have a chance to elect those who understand the focus – the American people. Is it time to dissolve the two parties and have just one?

The Leaders Actions

A glaring tell is during the State of the Union. Each year half of the room sits when the President is speaking while the other half stands since he is in their party. The politicians have lost respect for the office. When our leader speaks, whether you voted for him or not, you stand up. My candidates have not always won but the office of the President is still the office.

You might have noticed that Democrats and Republicans lately have not put up any worthwhile successors. Are there no capable candidate – material people? Possibly, the best candidates choose not to run because, like the police, they are constantly being attacked. These are clues to be aware of. How can the people work together while we watch our leaders pull further apart!

“It is hardly too strong to say that

the Constitution was made to guard the people

 against the dangers of intentions.

There are men in all ages who mean to govern well,

but they mean to govern.

They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”

– Daniel Webster

In due course, from this election, the American people will realize we are a country divided. We need changes in our legislative system. The House and Senate are fighting on their issues and not solving matters for the people.

The People First

For example, during this year’s campaign one of the biggest issues, at least in the top two is the environment. At a time like this is that such an important issue? What about vital issues like COVID-19, Americans out of work, the supply chain is fractured so products are not available. These are the concerns of the American people. The environment can wait.

The first priority is the American people. Sure, there is an environmental problem and an illegal immigrant problem. Now is not the time to sue each other. Americans are hurting so some matters can wait. Take care of our citizens first and put the rest aside. To our leaders, pull together and help us!

How the People React

The American people have been decidedly vocal about our government, which is our right. Unfortunately, it is to the point of anger turning to violence. If our leaders cannot work together and stop their childish displays of actions and words, what is the likelihood of our citizens changing? I’m talking about the Democrats and the Republicans, it is a whole issue, not a party issue. This is not about what side a voter is on. This is about our American right to decide who we want to vote for. Government processes are taking that right away from us.

 People of America

Our government is not going to change. We, the people produce change. It is our duty to correct our government, admonish our media, and help our citizens. We are in this together and the only ones willing to work on it, the only ones that care about us. The politicians are not going to pull it together. The American people can and must.

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS.

Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”

Mark Twain

Voice of the People to be Heard

We can create change by working together to build each other up and not tear each other down. Riots and protest marches have been tried and do not work. Engaging in verbal and physical fights is not how to fix problems. Only pulling together will produce change.

We start now. It is necessary for us to communicate better with each other. Communication only occurs when the listener understands what the speaker meant, not by interpreting what they thought the speaker meant. When something speaks and you do not agree with them or you feel challenged, don’t judge. Find out where you differ by exchanging information. Nothing will ever become altered if we do not open up conversations among ourselves. To turn our country around, stop pointing fingers and respect each other.

“A patriot must always be ready

 to defend his country against his government.”

Edward Abbey – American author and essayist

We the People

Times have changed. Our leaders are not working for us. It is necessary to pull together to reform our political system. It is our duty to admonish the media, which contrives to keep the people divided. The answer to our problems is up to us, and by working together we reestablish our government.

You are either a solution to a problem or a source of the problem. It starts today! America needs a solution and we the people are it.

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