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Top Traits of a Hero Leader: Navigating the 7 Cs

In life and business, we can run into some pretty rough waters. Regardless of the many challenges that executives face across all industries, sectors, and markets, there are certain characteristics that top c-suite leaders possess during this rapidly-evolving time. They demonstrate a unique blend of operational excellence and “Hero Intensity,” a powerful leadership framework based on core values that C-Suite Network Chairman Jeffrey Hayzlett shares in his award-winning bestselling book, The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures.

Here are seven characteristics consistently demonstrated across The Hero Club’s membership, a trusted council of values-driven, growth-focused CEOs, Founders, and Investors within the C-Suite Network.

Hero Leaders are:

  1. Committed. They are driven by a mission to make a bigger impact with their success, going well beyond the gold-plated plaques in the reception area. They aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, and their active, powerful presence galvanizes their teams around a larger purpose.
  2. Community-Driven. They want to give back to their circles of influence, whether they are the cities in which their businesses operate, the industries they serve, the causes they support, or the peer-to-peer councils in which they engage.
  3. Connected. They know that relationships are the lifeblood of growth in all areas. They, therefore, intentionally look for experiences that foster meaningful interactions, such as our intimate Hero Club Hour Chats or our 1-1 prioritization and alignment sessions.
  4. Compassionate. They are rooted in values that heighten people AND profits, knowing that acting from a place of empathy not only feels better but also elicits greater bottom-line results.
  5. Competent. They are strategic leaders who want to scale their businesses by receiving expert insights, time-saving tools, and relevant professional development designed to sharpen the saw.
  6. Confident. They demonstrate courage and presence by transparently sharing their challenges and opportunities in trusted spaces, such as in one of our hot seats in The Hero Club Forum, to address key business issues and get support from others who have been there before.
  7. Collaborative. They know that true impact never happens in a vacuum — it only happens in partnership. They look for ways to share in their success at every turn, knowing that it will fuel future growth.

I have a feeling that if you were to ask one of our Hero Club members about this list, they may shy away from the spotlight and draw more attention to the organizations they serve. True Hero Leaders are humble. However, every day they aspire to embody these critical characteristics and, more importantly, act upon them — whether anyone ever notices it or not.

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Theresa Rose serves as the VP of Thought Leadership for the C-Suite Network, partnering with Executive Leaders on clarifying, amplifying, and monetizing their brilliance. In addition, Theresa is a funny, inspiring blast of mojo who lights up the stage, the page, the podcast, and the screen as an electrifying keynote speaker, standup comedian, content crystallizer, and performance coach. Her latest book, Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity, and Purpose, has been featured on C-Suite TV’s Best Seller TV and is a how-to book that tackles our biggest challenges so we can intentionally make more time, get more done, earn more money, and have more fun. For more information, visit TheresaRose.com.

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