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“This Is How To Avoid Trickery In A Negotiation” – Negotiation Insight

Trickery can cause you to rewrite your history or be the source of your forestalled future. In a negotiation, it can be the difference between a sad and smiley face outcome. That’s the con that it perpetrates on one’s mind. And while playful trickery can be a delight, residing in the funhouse of your imagination, when someone delivers it with sinister intent, it can distort your reality as though you were viewing it through a mirror that deforms your mind. Good negotiators, like magicians, know how to ply the trades of trickery. They do so to get you thinking of one thing while keeping you engaged long enough with distractions, to extract deals that under other circumstances you’d never accept. And that’s why you need to be wary of the negotiator that uses trickery against you. He can make your otherwise positive outcomes disappear.

In the right environment, trickery fills you with delight. But in a negotiation, trickery can deliver you to fright. Learn how to distinguish the difference between the two, before trickery hurts you. bit.ly/3cYeVWG

Remember, you’re always negotiating!


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