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Think and Grow Rich During the Pandemic


I’ve been familiar with Napoleon Hill’s seminal work on success attainment, Think and Grow Rich, since I was five years old.

My single mother was a “solopreneur” back when the word didn’t exist. Mom was my first thought leader, infusing me with the importance of a positive mindset coupled with disciplined work practices as she worked her highly-successful direct sales business. (Yes, she did win a Pink Cadillac. Many of them over the decades.) While she had an entire library of personal enrichment and career development resources, including a million Zig Ziglar cassettes, one of her favorite resources was a 1960 weathered copy of Think and Grow Rich, $1.99. It sat on her nightstand for thirty years and was a consistent source of insight and inspiration for her throughout her professional life.

While the book contains vast insights on the power of our minds, I am seeing most clearly the impact of executing the principles found in Chapter 10: The Power of The Master Mind, as it pertains to our current challenging times.

As head of the Thought Leadership practice in the C-Suite Network, I get to see first-hand the transformations that take place when a group of two or more people work in harmony for a unified purpose, or what Hill would have described as The Master Mind. (In the C-Suite Network we call them Councils, one of which I am fortunate enough to lead, the Thought Council, a community of world-class thought leaders committed to collaboration and growth.)

People often ask, what IS a Master Mind anyway?

I built a thought leadership practice on helping others crystallize their content and have crystallized into its most essential components what I have gleaned from studying and participating in Masterminds over the years:

Economics + Energetics = Exponential Growth

First, you need the Economics. There needs to be products and services offered. Business conducted. Partners identified. Deals done. Money made.

Second – and equally importantly – there needs to be Energetics that amplify the Economics. There must be a genuine spirit of unity, generosity, and collaboration interwoven in the business landscape. Members of well-led Master Mind communities know that they can show up fully, transparently, and vulnerably. They come to the table with strength, support, and a spirit of generosity. Most importantly, they can drop the armor and be REAL, knowing on a deep intrinsic level that they are psychologically safe with their peers.

When the Economics and the Energetics are in ample supply, Exponential Growth inevitably occurs. Doors open that would otherwise not. Cross-promotion opportunities are identified. Connections are made.

Magic happens.

As we intentionally create abundance for our businesses and contentment in our personal lives in the Age of Coronavirus, it is important not to lose sight of this simple success equation that captures the essence of what makes us all Think and Grow Rich. Seek out a ripe economic landscape with positive, confident, collaborative people who not only understand this core principle but also have the spirit in which to execute it. When you do, you’ll soon find yourself scaling up and adding zeroes at the end.


Theresa Rose lights up the stage, the page, and the screen as an electrifying keynote speaker, standup comedian, content crystallizer, and performance coach who specializes in helping others show up more fully at work, at home, and all day long. Her latest book, Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity, and Purpose, is a how-to book that tackles our biggest challenges so we can intentionally make more time, get more done, earn more money, and have more fun. For more information, visit TheresaRose.com.


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