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The Unexpected Benefits of Fighting With Your Husband

Have you ever found yourself in a heated argument with your partner, wondering how you went from loving them deeply to wishing they’d disappear in the blink of an eye? If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you’re likely familiar with this emotional rollercoaster. It’s not pleasant, but believe it or not, some good can come from these moments of tension.

Let me share a recent experience. Just a couple of days ago, my husband and I had a fight. It’s funny how quickly these things escalate – within minutes, we were yelling at each other over something so trivial I can’t even remember what sparked it.

Before we knew it, we were “diagnosing” each other with statements like, “You need to stop creating stories!” The cherry on top? We were both demanding the other person change in exactly the same way. Picture this: he’s saying, “You need to be more self-aware,” and I’m firing back with the exact same phrase. Ridiculous, right?

Is it stupid? Absolutely. Is it normal? You bet. We all have moments we’re not proud of, and that’s okay. 🤮

The silver lining came after we both cooled off. We managed to have a real conversation and reconnect. It wasn’t smooth sailing at first, but when we both lowered our defenses and stopped pointing fingers, we started making progress.

I’m sharing this story because I know some of you might be going through similar struggles with your significant other. Or maybe you’re looking to deepen an already strong connection. Either way, challenges in our intimate relationships can be incredibly stressful, and I’ve been there (clearly).

If you’ve been battling to improve communication with your partner, I want to help. That’s why I’ve signed my husband and I up for a retreat in Costa Rica over Valentine’s Day 2025. Yes, I even yelled this at him during our fight: “This is why I signed us up for Costa Rica!!” Not my finest moment, I admit.

But here’s the thing – I did sign us up because, while we’re typically a loving couple, there are times when our communication breaks down. I genuinely want to improve that aspect of our relationship, and what better way to do it than by taking a luxury trip to the stunning jungles of Costa Rica?

The even better news? Two members of my team are joining us! And the best part? You can come too! 😁🥳

There are still a few spots open if you’d like to join us. Now, I’m not hosting this retreat (in fact, I’m really looking forward to being a participant). It’s being led by Owen Marcus and Dalia Anderman, two of my favorite people, who together have hosted hundreds of Hold Me Tight retreats.

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more, just click here for all the details. Once you see how fabulous this opportunity is, you might be willing to do anything to go. Just remember – you don’t need to get into a fight with your spouse to book the trip. However, if asking nicely doesn’t work… well, it couldn’t hurt, right? 😉

Remember, every couple faces challenges. It’s how we navigate these rough patches that strengthens our bonds and deepens our connections. So whether you join us in Costa Rica or find your own path to better communication, keep working on your relationship. The rewards are worth every effort.

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