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The Evolution and Growth of PR

Without the official label, Public Relations has dated back to the late 1800’s when people would strategically place stories in the media through smaller channels such as weekly newspapers to promote an event or occurrence. Although not the modern use of PR we know today, it had the same basics that we hope to accomplish: using interpersonal communication, literature, public events and art to persuade other individuals to believe in our client’s services and/or programs. But since the invention of the internet, PR has changed dramatically. The acceleration in technological advancements, rapid media development and other related elements have allowed PR to evolve tremendously just in the last decade. PR practitioners were faxing pitches, today they’re tweeting pitches and emailing virtual press kits. In order to look ahead, we need to look back.

Here is an awesome infographic from Inkhouse that shows how things have changed, and what will always remain.

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