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The Content Creator’s Golden Rule: Write Once, Repurpose Twice (or More)

As an entrepreneur and content creator, I am always on the lookout on how I can maximize my brilliance with minimum effort. There’s just too many other priorities pulling at me to have to come up with original, relevant, value-soaked content every dang day.

Here’s what I always recommend to my coaching clients who want to monetize their intellectual property as a speaker, author, coach, consultant, trainer, or advisor:


What do I mean by that? As thought leaders, we should be doing some really deep thinking about what our unique expertise really is and what nuggets of awesome are contained within it. We need to spend the appropriate amount of time on the front end to clearly identify what we know that has practical value to others and how we can CRAFT THAT BRILLIANCE such that it can be used over and over again. Only when we put some careful thought into our expertise can we create a powerful brand, reputation, and credibility that will grow our thought leadership practices.

When I wrote my last book, Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity, and Purpose, I intentionally created a thought leadership contextual model, book structure, and even tweetable graphics so I could leverage my expertise well beyond what was on the page. I brainstormed at a writing retreat for a week using flip charts, markers, and post-it notes to get rock-solid on what I knew and how I can help others utilize that knowledge to improve their performances at work, at home, and all day long. Yes, it was grueling. And painful. And confusing. And frustrating. And oh-so-worth-it. Because now, I don’t have to think about what content I need to share. It’s already there in gorgeous black and white for me to tap into any day, any time, for anyone.

All of the guesswork — “what should I be sharing now?”, “what should I be speaking on?”, or “what do I want to be known for?” (with the corresponding wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth) — is gone.

Imagine creating a single platform of knowledge that easily allows you to write the following brand-building content easily and effortlessly:

  • Website copy
  • Presentation titles and descriptions
  • Proposals for speaking, consulting, and coaching
  • Training curriculum
  • Articles for clients’ newsletters
  • Social media posts, tweets, and graphics
  • Video tutorials
  • Podcast show agendas and notes
  • Handouts, one-sheets, business cards, and anything else you want your customers to see and act upon

When you put in the extra legwork (and mindwork!) initially  — just like a skilled carpenter will measure twice and cut once — you will find that creating your valuable content becomes easy and fun! It’s already written for you. All you need to do is tap into it.

And when you layer the world with your brilliance in this thoughtful way, you will make a strong enough impression to get noticed by your buyers. You’ll be seen as a true expert because everything you share is based on careful consideration. And, best of all, you’ll make more money in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Take that time to write your valuable content down ONCE so you can repurpose it over and over again.

It’s worth it.

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