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Talking about Manifesting Dreams with Bestselling Author Robert V. Joseph

Robert V. Joseph’s book ‘Words From The Spirit’ recently soared on to the bestseller list. This award winning books message of personal development, spiritual connection, and the power to manifest dreams into reality in order to create success clearly resonated with both readers and reviewers. 


This phenomenal read includes a series of messages which can help readers find their way on their journey of personal development, as well as help them find a greater spiritual connection. Robert V. Joseph used the messages in this book to change his own life, and help him make his dreams a reality. With ‘Words From The Spirit’ he wants to help others discover the force of their spiritual energy, and become empowered in their lives.


Robert V. Joseph is not only a talented writer, but a successful speaker, carrying his message in venues across the United States. Recently he took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his book, and what’s next. 


‘Words From The Spirit’ is based on the spiritual messages you received while living in NYC.  What was it like for you when you started getting these messages?  How did they change your life?  


For a period of approximately a year, these messages were coming to me from a spiritual place at random moments in various places.  Some messages would come to me while I was at work, some messages would come to me while I was sitting in a coffee house, some messages would come to me while I was riding on a subway train, etc.  It was interesting to live in New York City at this time because NYC has an energy like no other place I know.  And, this energy provided me with powerful stimulus for thought.  So, as this was happening, I made sure that I had something to write with and something to write on at all times.  After about a year of this process, I had a large collection of notes with these messages.  How did they change my life?  It was clear to me that God shared these messages with me to help me to improve myself and my life in various ways.  However, before I could share the words of these messages with anyone else, I had to make sure that I was walking the walk and not just talking the talk.  It was not enough for me to write these words and speak these words.  I had to live these words as well.   


‘Words From The Spirit’ gives readers a new way to look at the world.  It’s one thing to have a spiritual awakening and another one to write about it.  What made you want to put your story down on paper?


In my belief system, God is the source of all of the messages in this book.  It was simply my hand that was chosen to put the pen to the paper and share these messages in the form of a book.  I don’t consider ‘Words From The Spirit’ to be a book that tells my story.  It’s a collection of original messages that are universal in nature.  And, every reader of the book is empowered to claim any or all of these messages and apply them to her or his own life.  While the book certainly shares my beliefs with respect to spiritual connection and personal development, it does not really share my story.  I think it is true to say that there was a spiritual awakening within me as I received the messages that God intended for this book.  And, along with this spiritual awakening came a sense of purpose that compelled me to write down each of these messages, assemble them into a manuscript, edit them, publish them, and make it possible for other people to have a similar spiritual awakening.   


These days, people have a lot on their minds and a lot of stress.  If they want to jump-start their connection with spirituality, what can they do now to get started?


Connection with spirituality requires us to first acknowledge that it exists and then become aware of the ways that spirituality functions and manifests in our lives.  I don’t believe that connection with spirituality is something we can jump-start because spirituality is a part of us from the origin of life.  I believe that many people have an awareness of spirituality on a subconscious level but not on a conscious level.  And, the key to connection with spirituality is to become as conscious as possible of the ways in which spirituality functions and manifests in life.  Some examples of ways that spirituality functions and manifests in a person’s life include prayer to a Higher Power, meditation, spiritual messages from conversations with other people, faith practice or religion, spiritual messages from books, spiritual messages from songs, and experiences in the natural world.  A way for a person to take some level of control of this process is to establish a daily routine to facilitate spiritual connection on a conscious level.  For example, I facilitate this kind of spiritual connection on a daily basis with a routine that I refer to as my “Spiritual Connection Session” which includes a combination of prayer, affirmations, incantations, and specific images for active visualization.


I’ve heard that you are working on another book, which is very exciting.  Can you tell our readers a bit about it?


Yes, I am working on my next book at the present time. This book places emphasis on personal development, and in particular, the various forms of personal power that are available to all of us. In addition to in-depth discussion on the concepts and principles of personal power, this book will provide instruction on how to apply these concepts and principles in daily life in order to have success with the process of self-improvement and the accomplishment of life goals. This book will also include a number of inspirational stories which help to illustrate these forms of personal power in the context of real-life human experience.  And, in case anyone might be wondering, I plan to share a few stories from my personal life experience as well.  So, this book is where readers will be able to learn about my story.


Let’s change things up a bit and have some fun.  What is one of your favorite wineries in California to go to when you are looking to relax?


The Robert Mondavi Winery in the Napa Valley of California. It has a long-standing tradition of excellence and a relaxing atmosphere with some of the most scenic vineyards in California.  And, of course, it has great wine!


To find out more about Robert V. Joseph and his book ‘Words From The Spirit’ head over to Amazon.


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